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Classroom objects

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Classroom objects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classroom objects. What is it?. It is…. a classroom a class. It is…. a desk. It is…. a chair. It is…. a door. It is…. a window. It is…. a chalkboard. It is…. chalk. It is…. an eraser. It is…. A flag. It is…. a clock. It is…. a garbage. It is…. a poster. I love

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Classroom objects

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Presentation Transcript
it is
It is…
  • a classroom
  • a class
it is1
It is…

a desk

it is2
It is…

a chair

it is3
It is…

a door

it is4
It is…

a window

it is5
It is…

a chalkboard

it is7
It is…

an eraser

it is8
It is…

A flag

it is9
It is…

a clock

it is10
It is…

a garbage

it is11
It is…

a poster

I love


is it
Is it…

a book

it is13
It is…

a notebook

it is14
It is…

a paper/ a piece of paper

it is15
It is…

a test

it is17
It is…

a pencil

it is18
It is…

a pencil sharpener

it is19
It is…

a pencil eraser

they are
They are…


it is20
It is…

a backpack

it is21
It is…

a computer

it is22
It is…

a teacher

it is23
It is…

a student

it is24
It is…

a quiz


it is25
It is …


it is26
It is…

a ruler

it is27
It is…

a calculator

it is28
It is…

a table

it is29
It is…

a marker

it is30
It is…

a wall

it is31
It is…

a light

it is32
It is…

a school