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Share aloha nothing else . Exclusion and non-judgment within a harm reduction program in Hawaii. Welcome everyone Guusje Bressers M S c Medical Anthropology and Sociology. Harm Reduction program. Preparations: Medicinal Heroin Unit. Qualitative Research: Participant observation

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Share aloha nothing else
Share aloha nothing else

Exclusion and non-judgment within a harm reduction program in Hawaii

Welcome everyone

Guusje Bressers MSc

Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Preparations medicinal heroin unit
Preparations: Medicinal Heroin Unit

Qualitative Research:

Participant observation

Informal conversations

Indebt interviews

Why Hawaii?

Focus non judgment
Focus: Non-judgment

Theory: Exclusion


and de-constructing

a person

Needle exchange
Needle exchange

HIV /AIDS testing

Activist roots
Activist roots

Federal government


Harm Reduction


General public

What is harm and who is allowed to say what harms you
What is harm, and who is allowed to say what harms you?

Bottom up
Bottom up

Top down




What are your thoughts on:

Non-judgment and shying away from its activist base

The implications for policy and practice


Thank you for your attention

Please feel free to come up to me after the presentation with questionsor remarks

GuusjeBressers MSc