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Script Writing

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Script Writing. Video Productions. When writing a script, there are several basic questions. What is this video supposed to accomplish? Who is my target audience ? (Focus Group) When and where will the video be shown?

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script writing

Script Writing

Video Productions

when writing a script there are several basic questions
When writing a script, there are several basic questions.

What is this video supposed to accomplish?

Who is my target audience? (Focus Group)

When and where will the video be shown?

What information do you want me to include, and how do you want me to present it?

What are the available resources and budget?

With whom will I work on this?

Who will approve the final draft?

What is the deadline?

video scripts vocabulary
Video Scripts vocabulary:

Talking head. One person on camera delivers a straightforward presentation. The camera occasionally cuts to simple visuals such as charts, lists, or graphs.

Spontaneous interview. One person equipped with points to cover or questions interviews an expert on the topic.

Staged interview. Both participants have scripted parts. The interviewer asks prepared questions, and the interviewee responds with prepared answers.

Documentary. A narrator, usually off camera, takes the audience on a visual tour, reporting on the program topic.

Voice-over narration. Visuals are accompanied by narration from someone off camera. The narrator may describe a job procedure being demonstrated or may comment on other types of visuals.

Demonstration. The person on camera describes while demonstrating.

Dramatization. Actors play roles in a scripted story.

Animation. Cartoon characters provide instruction.


Long shot. Provides a general view of subject and setting; establishes the scene by showing viewers all the visual elements in the scene; when applicable, shows how the size of the subject relates to other elements in the scene.

Medium shot. Provides a closer view of subject and eliminates unnecessary elements and background; covers about two-thirds of subject from head room to knees of subject standing.

Close-up. Concentrates on subject, excludes all other details of background.

Extreme long shot. Shows all background and details of a scene; more comprehensive than a basic long shot.

Extreme close-up. Limited to the subject's face; creates a sense of immediacy and intimacy and has great impact on the viewer.

Objective. Camera records images from the observer's viewpoint.

Subjective. Camera records what the subject sees; shots of equipment operations or processes may be taken from a high angle over the subject's shoulder.

assignment 2
Assignment 2

Script a 30 second commercial for a CHS class, club or sport.

Work in the same group as yesterday and on the same computer.+

What will need to be in the commercial?

brain storm check
Brain Storm Check

When and where activity meets?

What happens at the activity?

Who should come check it out?

How to get more information about it?

What a person needs to bring if they come?

Why should they join?


Video Rubric