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Meeting With Campus Administrators: How & Why

Meeting With Campus Administrators: How & Why. Carla Moran Finance & Operations Program Director. Introductions. APO National Strategic Goals. SHARE Increase awareness of APO and its mission among members/non-members IMPROVE Enhance the quality of the APO experience on college campuses

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Meeting With Campus Administrators: How & Why

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  1. Meeting With Campus Administrators: How & Why Carla Moran Finance & Operations Program Director

  2. Introductions

  3. APO National Strategic Goals • SHARE Increase awareness of APO and its mission among members/non-members • IMPROVE Enhance the quality of the APO experience on college campuses • INVESTIncrease the quality of time, treasure and talent donated to APO • GROW Increase APO’s presence on college campuses leading to more students conducting more service

  4. Who Here Has Had a Meeting? • When? • Purpose? • How did you set it up? • What did you bring with you? • Who was there? • How did it go?

  5. Purpose of Meeting (Positive) • Thank campus for hosting chapter • Communicate what chapter is doing • Learn campus needs/challenges • Opportunities for APO • Opportunities for campus • Sometimes a specific issue • Reinforce APO’s policies

  6. Overall Purpose of Meeting Reinforce Value of APO!

  7. Purpose of Meeting: Sad Bear • Communicate about a problem: • Determine what the issue is • Determine what the penalties are • Determine possible outcomes • Reinforce APO’s policies • Report back to others in APO • Follow up with campus and chapter

  8. Purpose of Meeting: Extension • Introduce APO • Size, age, purpose, locations, etc. • Express interest in having a chapter • Share if students are interested • Explain our extension process/policies • Learn campus policies • Leave them w/contacts & follow up

  9. When to Meet • Around a conference/event • Chapter anniversary • Big service project • Chapter ceremony • Annually • Make it a tradition • Beginning of semester (depending)

  10. Who From APO? Campus Connection Beyond Chapter Board Members Executive Director Field Staff Section Chair Chapter Advisor Chapter Alumnus Chapter Rep. Alumni Volunteers • Campus Advisor • Chapter Alumnus • Campus Involvement • Donor • Prominent Locally • Current or Past Boardie Who’s School Alumnus • Chapter Officer

  11. Who From Campus? • Student Activities Director/Staff • Director of “Service Center” • Other Campus Administrators • University President • Campus Advisor Depends on the Campus

  12. How to Coordinate: APO Side • One person coordinates • Possibly w/NED/Field Staff • Inform chapter • Have student contact • Speak w/Chapter Advisor/s • Coordinate w/local alumni volunteers

  13. Initial Preparation • Determine purpose of meeting • Critical! • Consult w/chapter • Communicate w/the team • Determine target date/timeframe • Get contact info for everyone • Determine travel times, etc.

  14. Desired Outcomes • Decide WHAT you want from the meeting: • Service opportunities • Recruitment opportunities • More awareness (why?) • Leadership opportunities • Campus resources (office, copying, etc.) • Host a conference

  15. Choosing Campus Target Person • Based on the purpose of your meeting • You may not get “top dog” • Think ahead to who you may meet with if it’s not your target person • Google bios, etc. on possible targets • Personalize request • “Your background w/the Red Cross…”

  16. Putting Together the APO Team • Base it on purpose &who you’re meeting with • Don’t overwhelm w/too many of us • Be honest about your skills/others’ skills • OK to have a “backup” • Be sensitive but sensible • Communicate w/participants & non-participants

  17. Preparing for the Meeting • Google the administrator • Research the campus • Speak w/the chapter • Speak w/advisors & alumni volunteers • Review APO Service Database • Have chapter stats: size, service hours • THEY may Google: know what’s there

  18. Preparing the Team • All know the purpose • Correct logistics • Meet ahead • Know expectations • Have roles • Have informal script • Have signals

  19. Presenting APO • Confirm meeting • Have succinct and longer written materials • Arrive on time • Have cards • Introduce yourselves for meeting • Be friendly and professional

  20. Presenting Yourself (Which IS APO!) • Dress appropriately • Know how to introduce yourself • Follow another’s lead appropriately • Appropriate chit chat • Know purpose of meeting • Know chapter • Know campus

  21. Meeting Itself • Start out by thanking the individual/campus for hosting the chapter • Reassure that the meeting is friendly and mutually beneficial • Restate purpose of meeting • Make sure everyone is introduced

  22. Meeting Itself • Make sure you hit all key points • Consider an informal checklist • Make requests if appropriate • You don’t get what you don’t ask for • Request can be general • Don’t overstay your welcome • Be proud and positive but not haughty

  23. Wrapping Up/Following Up • Say thank you • Determine next steps • Write thank-you note or letter • Update on next steps • Deliver promised info/items • Update chapter, local volunteers, etc. • Identify time for next meeting

  24. Meeting Do’s • Include the student/s • Answer questions pleasantly, professionally & succinctly: • Don’t act annoyed at APO unfamiliarity • They’ll ask if they want more details • Reinforce the positive and feel proud • Follow up appropriately

  25. Meeting Don’ts • Use offensive language or gestures • Dis organizations, individuals, campus • Pile on all your APO swag • That’s a Glamour DON’T! • Wear your nametag (generally) • Tell inappropriate stories • Lie--EVER

  26. Let’s Practice • What would you say?

  27. Questions/Discussion

  28. Let’s Get Meeting! As scouting is worldwide, so should Alpha Phi Omega be worldwide, gradually in the colleges and universities of all the nations. Alpha Phi Omega can help bring about, through the future statesmen of the world, that standard of manhood and international understanding and friendship that will lead to a better, more peaceful world in which to live and in which to make a living and a life.

  29. We Can Do It!

  30. CarlaMoran@aol.com

  31. Thank you for your ongoing service to Alpha Phi Omega!

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