How to Write A 5 Paragraph Paper.
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How to Write A 5 Paragraph Paper. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Write A 5 Paragraph Paper. . Megan Arneman Rachel Lilly Katelyn Marks Charyl Watkins. Objective.

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How to Write A 5 Paragraph Paper.

Megan Arneman

Rachel Lilly

Katelyn Marks

Charyl Watkins


Students will be able to use different technologies to help them create a five paragraph personal narrative after engaging in an interactive presentation on how to format a paper correctly.

How to Choose a Theme for a Paper?

Picking a Topic:

~ Some Questions to Think About

~What is Something That Interests You?

~ Are you Interested in Learning Something New?

~ An experience you had? i.e a vacation, a holiday etc.

For Example: The Beach

Creating the Supporting Paragraphs

The supporting paragraphs are the main ideas to support your topic.

Using the beach as an example the supporting facts could be:

~favorite things to do on the land

~ favorite things to do on the water

~ favorite things to do on the boardwalk

The Beach




Details For Supporting Paragraphs

The main ideas need supporting detail.

For Example:

Main Idea: Favorite thing to do on the land.

Details for the Main Idea:

~Building sand castles

~ Collecting seashells

~ Digging for sand crabs

Breaking Down A Paragraph

The first sentence tells you what the paragraph will be about.

Ex. My favorite thing to do at the beach is to play on the land.

The next three sentences will be the supporting detail.

Ex. On the beach I like to build a sand castle. I also like to look for seashells. Finally, I like to dig for sand crabs.

The last sentence summarizes the main topic.

Ex. This is what I like to do at the beach while I am on the land.

Try and Make a Paragraph.

I also like to play the water gun game.

I also like to ride the rides there.

This is what I like to do at the beach.

My favorite thing to do is by Fishers Popcorn.

While I am at the beach I like to go to the boarwalk.

Making a Conclusion Paragraph

This is the last paragraph in a paper.

It should:

~Summarize the main topic and the supporting details.

~ End with a sentence that catches the readers attention.

For example:

The beach is one of my favorite vacation to take. I like to go to the beach a lot. Since I am already at the beach, I can go in the water. Finally I can go to the boardwalk. Maybe the next time you can go on a vacation consider going to the beach because there is so much to do.

Complete Your Graphic Organizer


The Beach


Boogie boards





Sand Crabs





Your Turn!

Using Stormboard find a main topic that you want to write about.

Graphic Organizer.

Using Spicynodes create your three supporting paragraphs and their supporting detail.