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Membership of IODP Fund UK-IODP 2008 -2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Membership of IODP Fund UK-IODP 2008 -2013

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Membership of IODP Fund UK-IODP 2008 -2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Membership of IODP Fund UK-IODP 2008 -2013. Oceans:- Cover plate boundaries Transport heat & CO 2 – change rapidly Continuous high-resolution records. 1) Non-riser drill ship JOIDES Resolution. For membership get access to:. 2) Mission-specific operations: Europe.

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Membership of IODP Fund UK-IODP 2008 -2013

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Membership of IODP


2008 -2013


Cover plate boundaries

Transport heat & CO2 – change rapidly

Continuous high-resolution records


1) Non-riser drill ship JOIDES Resolution

For membership get access to:

2) Mission-specific operations: Europe

3) New Japanese riser drill ship,



Scientific ocean drilling is essential because:-

Need records with wide spatial distribution

Only way of reliably recovering adequate core

Short ship term charter uneconomic

Specialised equipment & ship-board laboratories

Ocean Drilling now investigates

process-related Science

First 3 years: Spectacular successes


ECORD mounts mission-specific platforms –

chartered to access otherwise inaccessible locations


ACEX Micropalaeontology highlights

fresh water Azolla

fern spores

Dinoflagellate cyst

Drop stone

Apectodinium augustum


Drilling intact ocean crust – 1st down to Gabbros

(NERC urgency grant supported shipboard formation scanner on expedition 312)


Corals – very high resolution palaeoclimate & sealevel records

Tahiti – mission specific expedition 310



Development of new climate/ocean circulation proxies

Piotrowski et al., 2005,

Science; & unpublished


Riser drilling allows drilling in over-pressured, fluid-filled formations, in poorly consolidated formations and especially deep holes.

New Opportunities:

Deep riser drilling by Chikyu

Kobe earthquake cost Japan $200 billion


Excellent research – output x 6 per £

Central to meeting NERC’s strategic objectives:

Earth system science, biodiversity, climate, hazards, technology,

people, natural resources.

Cross-disciplinary: vital to NERC’s strategic portfolio.

Major international environmental programme.

Major collaborative programme within Europe.

Value for money:UK contributes ~ 2.5% of spend, uses ~ 12% of program

UK involvement all research-active Universities, NERC Institutes

UK program: 1) Enable participation – science & management.

2) Guarantee NERC & UK benefit from investment.

Note only 25% of funding used in UK but this is vital for:-

i) Site surveys which enable drilling proposals (e.g. Equatorial Pacific).

ii) Grant funding enables scientists to capitalise competitively on their investment.

iii) Fund outreach – ensure wide participation by community.