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GIT version control

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GIT version control - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GIT version control. What is GIT. Have you ever wished you could travel back in time when you develop a project …? Have you ever wished you could collaborate with your friend on the same project or file at the same time…?

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GIT version control

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Presentation Transcript
what is git
What is GIT
  • Have youeverwishedyoucouldtravel back in time whenyoudevelop a project…?
  • Have youeverwishedyoucouldcollaborate with yourfriend on the same project or file at the same time…?
  • Everwishedyou had a fast reliable and secure backup…?
  • GIT offers a remote backup, a possibility to load the project just before the disaster and an easyway to collaborate with yourfellow students
what do i need
What do I need

git extensions
Git Extensions
  • Git has a console line interface
  • Git Extensions offers a GUI to easeyourdailywork with GIT
  • Git Extensions willinstall a plugin intoyourvisualstudiowhenyouinstall it
  • In order to do solvesome ‘mergeconflicts’ youshouldinstall kdiff3
get your project under control
Getyourproject under control
  • Execise
    • Installboth ‘GIT’ and ‘GIT Extensions’
    • Restart yourvisualstudio and locate the new plugin in the top leftcorner
    • Create a new project
    • Click on the yellow folder
    • Clickyes to initialize a new gitrepository
    • Clickcommit and addyourproject to git
    • Make somechanges and commitagain
    • Make somechanges and commitagain
    • Make somechanges and commitagain
    • Make somechanges and commitagain
congratulations that s it
Congratulations – That’s it!
  • Now you know how to use GIT
git extensions gitignore
Git Extensions, .gitignore
  • Click “Add default ignores” button
  • Add a few more like .exe etc.
  • Click the “Save” button

Version control, using Git

some details branches
SomeDetails… Branches
  • In the previousexerciseweavoidedconflictsbecausewedidn’t step back and workedalone.
  • Imagine wechangeour mind and wants to step back and continueworking
collaboration backup
Collaboration / backup
  • Git is a decentralizeddistributed version control system
  • If youcreate a remoterepositorysomewhereyou have still have an exactcopy on yourlocalmachine.
  • If youshareyourremoterepositiory with fellow students theyget a exactcopy of the repository.
Working with a remote repositoryFigure from

Version control, using Git

github com bitbucket org ||
  • Github is free for open source projects (use general open port)
  • Bitbucket offers a freeclosedproject for 5 memebers
  • Make a team of 4-5 people
  • Create a project on one computer add it to bitbucket or github
    • Follow the online wizard to upload a repository
  • Add the rest of the team to the remoterepository
  • Commit to the projects and solve the conflicts…
  • A free book online
  • Videos
  • PDF: Git Magic by Ben Lynn
  • Console online training
using git in visual studio
Using Git in Visual Studio