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Best Ways to Do SEO for CMS (WordPress) Based Websites PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Ways to Do SEO for CMS (WordPress) Based Websites

Best Ways to Do SEO for CMS (WordPress) Based Websites

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Best Ways to Do SEO for CMS (WordPress) Based Websites

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  1. Best Ways to Do SEO for CMS (WordPress) Based Websites

  2. WordPress is the most widely preferred CMS for various obvious reasons. It is truly one of the best content management systems if we talk in terms of SEO. This article discusses some of the best practices for SEO especially for WordPress based websites which can increase the ranks of your site to unexpectedly high levels. There are various different ways to carry out SEO to increase traffic on your site: Optimize Titles Titles are responsible for rankings of your website to a very large extent. Make sure that the titles of each of your web pages contain important keywords so that they can easily be read by the search engines. Focus on Permalink Structure Basically permalinks are the permanent URLs to your weblogs, categories and weblog postings. Each URL has to be permanent as it will also be used by various other bloggers to link to your article. So change your permalink structure by going to the

  3. settings so you can enjoy a customized permalink. Decide at WWW or non-WWW There is a difference in treatment of and by the search engines. So you need to decide how you want your site to show up. All you need to do is go to the Settings in WordPress and select the version that you want. Use Keyword Phrases Pick keywords in phrases and optimize your web pages in accordance with these keywords. Make sure that you select these keywords based on what people type in search engines so that you are able to cater them the information they are looking for. Google AdWords and Wordtracker can provide you quality information on what keywords are being searched.

  4. Optimize Subtitles and Headlines Subtitles are headlines also should consist of keyword phrases. This will not only make them appealing for the readers to know what lies in the content beneath but also attractive to the search engines. While doing so make sure that you don’t load them with too many keywords. Include Keywords in Content The content has to be rich in targeted keywords. Don’t suffocate your content with too many keywords. The ideal number is about repetition is twice in the very first paragraph. This will surely get your content in the notice. Keywords Rich Links Go for links with keywords instead of using “Download This” or “Click Here”. Using keywords in the link makes them more effective. Have Image Tags and ALT-Tags Customized To get more and more traffic to your site make sure that you enrich your images by using titles with SEO keywords.

  5. Use Keywords in URLs Another impressive and attractive way of making your page more appealing to the search engines is to use keyword phrases in the URL of your page. This would surely increase the effectiveness of your page. Use XML Sitemaps This is another very easy way of telling the search engines that your site is updated. Use XML Sitemaps for designing a structure of your site and keep it updated. These are simple and easy ways of incorporating effective SEO for your CMS based website and enjoy increased traffic inflow.

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