fact opinion review jeopardy
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Fact & Opinion Review Jeopardy

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Fact & Opinion Review Jeopardy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fact & Opinion Review Jeopardy. Thursday, November 21 st , 2013. LEARNING TARGETS!. At the end of this lesson I will be able to:. I will know the difference between fact and opinion, and I will be able to identify facts and opinions in texts. . Fact and Opinion Jeopardy Rules.

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fact opinion review jeopardy

Fact & Opinion Review Jeopardy

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

at the end of this lesson i will be able to
LEARNING TARGETS!At the end of this lesson I will be able to:

I will know the difference between fact and opinion, and I will be able to identify facts and opinions in texts.

fact and opinion jeopardy rules
Fact and Opinion Jeopardy Rules
  • If you want to answer a question, you will need to raise your hand after the question has been stated.
  • You will be given either audio or chat privileges to give us your answer.
  • You must honestly keep track of your own points.
  • Try your best!
  • If you want to stay in the class connect after being divided into breakout rooms (2) and just want to watch (and review), that is fine. You do not have to play.
fact opinion definitions 100
Fact & Opinion Definitions: 100

A piece of information that can be proven by evidence.

A.) An opinion.

B.) A fact.

C.) A theme.

D.) None of the above.

fact opinion definitions 200
Fact & Opinion Definitions: 200

Define the word opinion.

A.) A statement that cannot be proven true or false.

B.) A statement that you can check or prove with evidence (proof).

C.) The message of a passage.

D.) Utilizing the objective approach.

fact opinion definitions 300
Fact & Opinion Definitions: 300

Identify the purpose(s) of biased words.

A.) To show an impartial stance towards a topic.

B.) Show an opinion/ belief about something.

C.) Express a judgment on something.

D.) Both B & C.

fact opinion definitions 400
Fact & Opinion Definitions: 400

Define the objective tone.

A.) Has a “neutral” tone.

B.) Unbiased/ impartial information.

C.) No feelings for or against a topic.

D.) All of the above answer choices could describe the objective tone.

fact opinion definitions 500
Fact & Opinion Definitions: 500

Define the subjective tone.

A.) Includes biased words, such as awful.

B.) Opinions and feelings are shared.

C.) Contains unbiased/impartial informational.

D.) Both choices A & B.