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facts about porcelain slabs that you need to know n.
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Porcelain Slabs Surfaces Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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Porcelain Slabs Surfaces Facts

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Porcelain Slabs Surfaces Facts
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Porcelain Slabs Surfaces Facts

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  1. Facts About Porcelain Slabs That You Need To Know Offered in several colors, Mont introduces its new Porcelain Slab collections that are purely a man-made product. Due to its inimitable interiors, high technology designing features, stunning appearance, and great resistance, Porcelain comes as a guaranteed high-gloss polished finish material. The product can be purchased in polished, honed as well as a natural finished process which is highly suitable for backsplashes, flooring, fireplace surrounds, exterior applications, steam showers and shower. Feel the advanced designs that are specially built for interior and exterior usage purposes and thus it bring amazing product experience to both residential and commercial markets. 

  2. A) Top characteristics of Porcelain slab are: • Durability: Porcelain Slab Surfacesare known to last longer as compared to other materials that are built used for vertical and horizontal applications. • Resistance to Abrasion: It is designed with special features where the anti-slip factor in porcelain slab flooring is always unique as compared to flooring materials. • Hygiene: This flooring material is available for all areas where high sanitary standards are a must due to its extensive hygienic and easy to clean advantage. • Fire Resistance: What makes this material unique to use is that if it comes in contact with fire, Porcelain does not burn, nor does it give off smoke. • Water Absorption: They are highly resistant to damp while absorbing only 0.04% of water. • Frost Resistance: Suitable for all types of outdoor laying due to its strong frost resistant ability. • Chemical resistance: These flooring materials are highly resistant to strong chemical agents. Not only this but also, they are highly famous for their zero deformity issues in extreme weather conditions.

  3. B) Top ways to take a good care of these porcelain slabs To keep porcelain surfaces clean and tidy, all they need is to wash them on regular basis with water. However, it is known that neutral cleaners are highly effective for the regular maintenance of these Porcelain slab flooring. To work with the cleanser, one should work with the non-soap base material.

  4. C) Tips to clean them: • For Floor Surfaces As we have heard that sand on regular basis can easily build-up in the joints of these porcelain slabs while leading to discoloration process. So, to avoid this, users should always clean them by dampening the porcelain floor with the help of a diluted solution of neutral cleaner. • For Bathroom And Wet Areas Use a neutral, ph-balanced cleaner to clean your porcelain bathrooms every day to avoid stains. Well, if you are searching for these flooring materials then, Mont Granite is a well-known Porcelain Slab Supplier in Cleveland who offers these materials in different colors.

  5. Conclusion If you are a homeowner then, choosing these Porcelain tiles are a perfect option for you with the best combination of style. However, this is the reason as why to choose the porcelain for your floor covering in your home.

  6. Our top services provided to customers are as given below: • Natural Stone which includes Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Sandstone and Soapstone • Engineered Quartz • Chicago Quartz • Quartzite • Porcelain Slab Surfaces • Natura Collection • Precious Stone Collection

  7. Mont Granite is an active member of these national trade associations. Corporate Office Corporate Office: 6130 Cochran Road Solon, OH 44139 Phone: 440-287-0101 Web Address: http://www.montgranite.com