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Units 5-8 Quiz

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Units 5-8 Quiz. When Tray walked out of his algebra final, he could remember only the first question and the last few questions. Tray’s recollection can best be explained by a. anterograde amnesia b. retrograde amnesia c. the stress of the exam d. the serial position effect

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When Tray walked out of his algebra final, he could remember only the first question and the last few questions. Tray’s recollection can best be explained by

a. anterograde amnesia

b. retrograde amnesia

c. the stress of the exam

d. the serial position effect

e. interference


The capacity of our short term memories is approximately _________ items.

a. Three

b. Five

c. Seven

d. Nine

e. Unlimited


Claire needed to hammer a nail into the wall, but could not find a hammer. She never considered using her boot. This common obstacle to problem solving is known as

    • Algorithm
    • Functional fixedness
    • Heuristic
    • Mental set
    • Convergent thinking

Kohler’s work with apes had to do with what type of learning?

a. abstract

b. insight

c. latent

d. observational

e. classical conditioning


When Bobby kicks his little sister Tammy’s doll under the bed, she tries to retrieve it. In Piagetian terms, Tammy has

a. egocentrism

b. concrete operations

c. animism

d. object permanence

e. conservation


According to Erikson, a two year old is most likely trying to resolve which of the following conflicts?

      • Industry vs. Inferiority
      • Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
      • Initiative vs. Guilt
      • Intimacy vs. Isolation
      • Trust vs. Mistrust

Whenever Eddie goes a few hours without smoking a cigarette, he gets irritable and nervous. Eddie’s need to smoke illustrates which theory of motivation?

    • Drive reduction
    • Cognitive consistency
    • Evolutionary
    • Ethology
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Gertrude wants to teach her students a new behavior. Which schedule of reinforcement would result in the quickest learning?

a. variable interval

b. Variable ratio

c. Continuous

d. Fixed Interval

e. Fixed ratio


Taking a medicine to relieve a headache is an example of

    • Positive reinforcement
    • Classical conditioning
    • Latent learning
    • Punishment
    • Negative reinforcement

The first step in the information processing model of memory is

    • Storage
    • Retrieval
    • Interference
    • Encoding
    • attention

Kohlberg posited that the lowest level of moral development involved

    • Consistently hurting others
    • Focusing on the consequence of one’s action to oneself
    • Blindly following the law
    • Breaking the rules whenever ones feels they are unjust for society
    • Doing whatever one’s peer group advised

Parents who set strict rules for their children without allowing any questioning or discussion are following what parenting style?

a. democratic

b. Authoritative

c. Totalitarian

d. authoritarian

e. neglectful


What kind of memory is Misty using when she thinks back to the day she won the state spelling bee?

    • Procedural
    • Episodic
    • Implicit
    • Eidetic
    • Semantic

I sawed Kristen at school today is an example of

    • Telegraphic speech
    • Holophrastic speech
    • Babbling
    • Syntax
    • Overgeneralization

In Pavlov’s classical conditiong experiments, salivation was

    • 1. The US
    • 2. The CR
    • 3. The UR
    • 1 only
    • 2 only
    • 3 only
    • 1 and 3 only
    • 2 and 3 only

Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment is most closely associated with which of the following terms?

    • Instincts
    • Maturation
    • Modeling
    • Abstract learning
    • Operant conditioning

According to the James-Lange theory of emotion, what immediately precedes recognition of the emotion?

    • A physiological change
    • Cognitive appraisal
    • Memories of similar situations
    • Observing the stimulus
    • Thalamic stimulation

For some kids, getting ISS may be a terrible punishment while others may enjoy the quiet solitude. That the reinforcement often depends on the individual in question is best expressed by

a. partial reinforcement effect

b. chaining

c. Premack Principle

d. outshining

e. latent learning


Because plane crashes are covered so extensively in the media, people tend to be more fearful of them than a statistical analysis would indicate they should. This miscalculation can be explained by

    • The availability heuristic
    • The recency effect
    • Confirmation bias
    • The framing effect
    • Cognitive dissonance

With regard to language, Noam Chomsky proposed that

    • Some apes can be taught to use language
    • Humans have a language aquistion device
    • Children essentially learn language through shaping
    • People cannot learn new languages after a critical period has passed
    • Nurture has a far greater influence than nature

Mary Ainsworth and John Bowbly are best known for their work on

    • Parenting styles
    • Adult development
    • Attachment
    • Intelligence
    • Creativity

The order of the sexual response cycle stages as described by Masters and Johnson is

    • excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution
    • Arousal, orgasm, plateau, refraction
    • Resolution, excitement, orgasm, and plateau
    • Arousal, orgasm, plateau, and refraction
    • Plateau, excitement, orgasm, and resolution

Which of the following would characterize a person in the concrete operational stage?

a. using operations

b. understaning reversability

c. believing in artificialism

d. appreciating conservation

e. childhood contingencies of reinforcement