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Philosophy of our Center

My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center. Philosophy of our Center.

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Philosophy of our Center

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  1. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Philosophy of our Center • I believe that self-esteem is the critical component to optimal growth in young children. In order for children to develop a high self-esteem, I focus on developing the socialization and self-help skills needed to succeed in other areas of development. Children at My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Centerare given the opportunity to explore, experiment and create in a safe and nurturing environment. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Centerwill provide developmentally appropriate care which supports emotional, social and physical growth with their development. • All children enrolled in My World of Smiling Faces are treated with love and respect and provided the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities. Our most fundamental objective is to provide for your child(ren) a safe, clean, and loving environment, in which each child will feel that he/she is loved, valued, wanted, and safe. • Children are allowed to be Children

  2. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Child Care Contract Description1 • Non-Discrimination: Children are enrolled in My world of Smiling Faces Child Care Centerregardless of race, color, religion, physical disability, or national origin. Children are taught to respect other’s similarities and/or differences and to recognize the uniqueness of each individual. • Hours of Operation: Hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. With in these hours, parents must contract for specific arrival and departure times which will not exceed 9 hours per day in a regular 40 hour work week. The childcare home/center is open year-round, including some school holidays and emergency closures as well as special summer program hours. (If there is a two hour delay or an early closure there is a $15 fee if you choose to come at your regular time contracted. But if you elect to make arrangements and come 2 hours later for delays or 2 hours earlier for closures the will be no additional fee.) If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late or you decide not to bring your child(ren), you must notify the provider of your intent before or with in those 10 minutes. Note: If you choose to take your child to school and fail to call and notify us of the students attendance, and they are not picked up from school, an additional fee of $10 will be added on to your weekly tuition for that day. If your child has detention and must be picked up later then usual pick up time, an additional $10 fee will be added to your weekly tuition for that day and for each day of detention pick up. (Providers are not responsible for calling parents / guardians. Communication from parent to provider is VERY important). Note: the first and last day of school are half days for both facilities. No “A.M.” service for the first day of school ( we open at 12:00 noon). And no “P.M.” service for the last day of school (we close at 12:00 noon). Please have arrangements in place for these days.

  3. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Child Care Contract Description2 • Sick / Personal Days off: We require 5 sick and 5 personal days off for each calendar year. Payment is expected for these days. • Holidays: Payment is expected for all holidays that fall during the work week, defined as Monday through Friday. If the holiday falls on a weekend, payment penalties will not incur because payments are due on Friday. Paid holidays are scheduled and listed below. • *If schools are closed for any reason, a $30.00 “all day” fee will be in addition to your weekly payment and due on the same day as the closure. NO EXCEPTIONS. • *New Years Eve & Day *Martin Luther King’s B-Day *Presidents Day *Labor Day *Memorial Day *Independence Day *Columbus Day *Veteran’s Day Easter (Good Friday & Easter Monday) Thanksgiving Day (before and after) Christmas Day (before and after). • *These holidays, the Center will be closed, but special accommodations can be arranged for a separate fee. • Pick up and drop off service: Once the children are in our care all pick up and drop off service to and from school is included, however any home pick up or home drop offs will be an additional $15-$30 (depending on distance from center to home) per week. Specific time must be specified within the hours of operations (6am-6pm). Children dropped off must have someone by the age of 14 or older to greet them at the door and a signature is required from that person. • Afterschool Activities: If your child is in an afterschool program or activity, pick ups for that are included. Notification is required (times and dates). However if your child has an illness that requires an early pick up from school, a $15 additional fee will be due with your weekly tuition. If your child has detention and needs a late pick up from school, a $15 additional fee will be due with your weekly tuition.

  4. Initial here Agreement of Child Care Contract4516 Maple Road, Suitland, Maryland 20746 in the Town of Morningside (301)806-3500 / (301) 568-4516 • The following contract is an agreement between________________________andMy World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center to provide child care services for____________________, _______________________, ______________________. This contract becomes effective on _______________ and child care services will be provided for the hours of __________to__________. Note: Hours of operation are 6:00am-6:00pm. * Children are to remain in child care for not more than a maximum of 9hours. ( social services will be called on the 10thhour) • Parents / Guardians must agree to keep current all medical and emergency forms and changes of any / all information, to include change of address, phone number, schools, etc. Copies of all signed and initialed documents will be given to the parents / guardian and all originals will remain with the center. • Child(ren) should be dressed and ready for daily activities. • All payments are made in full BEFORE service. No half payments will be excepted. • Financial agreement of payment for ___________________________in the amount of ______________________ will be due weekly. Payment days are Friday evening (the week before service) {if enrolled payment is due at pick-up} or Monday mornings (the first day of service) at drop-off. • holidays: if payment day falls on a holiday, payment will be due the day before the holiday. Note and initial the addendum page #2 for the list of holidays. • There is no reduction in fees if a child is absent. Payments received on Fridays only with cash, money order, or credit card. • Late Payment: If a payment is not received at pick up Friday (before or by 6:00pm) a $30.00 late fee for each day not paid in full will incur. • Late Pick-Up: If a parent / guardian is late picking up their child(ren), a fee of $20.00 for the first minute (6:01pm) and $1.00 for each additional minute will be expected to be paid in full in cash at the time of pick up. $30.00 for the first minute (and $1 for every minute there after) will be charged for late pick-up past the contracted time based on the “All-Day, Extended-day, and Special-day” services. • Repeated late pick-up will be grounds for termination of services. • There is a $100.00 registration fee due at the time of interview and receipt of all signed forms. • Delinquent Accounts: In the event that the responsible party fails to pay for child care services, that party will be turned over to a collection agency. If the responsible party is turned over for collection due to non-payment of services (this will include late voucher payments), or other contract violations, late payment fees will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full. The responsible party will also be liable for any / all cost related to the collection fees to include but not limited to all attorney fees and court costs. • Please read entire contract and addendum pages. • I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD MY OBLIGATIONS IN THIS CONTRACT, AND I AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FORMy World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center. ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Parent / Guardian signature & Date Parent / Guardian signature & Date ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Provider signature & Date Witness signature & Date

  5. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Features & Benefits of the Center • Vacation, Personal, & Sick Days: My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Centerwill be closed for two weeks annually for vacation, in which tuition fee will be paid in full 100%. A written two-week notice will be provided. Childcare will be closed for five personal days and five sick days annually, if necessary in which, tuition fee will be paid in full. During vacation, personal and sick days in which Childcare is closed, parents are responsible for providing childcare. However emergencies are unplanned and unavoidable and advance notification is not always possible. • Termination: Both parties in case of termination must give a two week advance written notice. Verbal notice will not be excepted. Services will be terminated if all fees and forms are not paid and submitted on time. Any breach of this contract will be grounds for termination and as a provider reserves the right to terminate services due to irreconcilable differences and the parents or guardians are still responsible for two weeks “inconvenience fee” which will equal to two weeks tuition. • Written Notice: *Two weeks advanced written notice is requested when you wish to terminate your contract. There is no refund for any early withdrawal, and there are no substitution dates. *My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center reserves the right to change policies and contracts, with a written two week notice. *Should it become necessary, My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center reserves the right to dismiss a parent / child(ren) at any time. The parents / guardians will be notified verbally at the time of pick-up and in writing within 10 business days of verbal notification for dismissal. Parents or guardians are still responsible for two weeks “inconvenience fee” which will equal to two weeks tuition.

  6. Initial here Specifications of the Client1 • Parent Responsibilities: • All fees, service cost, and payments are non-negotiable. • Parents / Guardians are responsible for notifying the provider of any changes in employment, telephone numbers and addresses, the hours and/or days of that Childcare is needed. No one other than parents / guardians and persons listed on the Emergency contact information form will be permitted to pick up child(ren). Advance notice will be required from parent if someone else will be picking up the child(ren) Valid I.D. is required. • Payments are made on Friday before or by 6:00 pm (cash, credit card, or money order) • Please specify payment plans (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.) before payment is due. • All Voucher Payments- Parents are required to pay out of pocket until the childcare vouchers are clear and payment has been received. (This may take 2-6 weeks) • Parents are required to attend 2 mandatory parent meetings per year. • Maintaining up-to-date information on all child(ren)’s medical records. • When applicable, furnishing custody documentation. • Helping children experience a smooth transition from home to Child care Center. • Children should arrive fully dressed with all hygiene practices completed. (All persons entering either facility must be dressed appropriately; no pajamas, night clothes, or clothing that may send a disrespectful or offensive message to anyone in the facility) No one wants to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by inappropriate attire.

  7. Initial here Specifications of the Client1a • Parent Responsibilities : • All fieldtrips are to be paid in full one week before the fieldtrip date. There will be no payments accepted the day of. (If a parent / guardian would like to accompany their child on a field trip, the parent / guardian may follow the van or meet us at our destination – parents / guardians are not permitted to ride in the van) • Parents are to be properly dressed when entering either facility. No underclothes, night clothes, or robes are acceptable. Appropriate attire is always required for both parents and children. • Parents / Guardians are financially responsible for any / all damages done by their children. • All seasonal passes needed for continuous fieldtrips (ie; Six Flags, pool passes etc.) must be purchased by the parent beforehand and presented at the time of the fieldtrip. NO EXCEPTIONS. • Computers in the Childcare / Center are for staff and children only. • Before and Aftercare Students: Breakfast is served between 6-7am. Children who arrive after 7:00am must have already eaten breakfast. (there is absolutely no eating in the van). • All-Dayers: Breakfast is served between 7:00-8:30am. Children who arrive after 8:30am must have already eaten breakfast. No “OUTSIDE” food isallowed in either facility. • All-Dayers must arrive before 9:00am for admittance. (Dentist and Dr. appointments (check-ups or teeth cleaning only, no shots or fillings) are the only exception) • **Potty training: The provider will assist with the potty training when proper notification is given to the provider. • **Home work: The provider will assist with the child(ren)’s homework but the completion of the homework is not the responsibility of the provider, but the responsibility of the children with parents / guardians supervision. We will also assist with projects, however the responsibility of completion is your child’s with your supervision.

  8. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client2 • Child Care Center Forms: • All of the following forms must be completed and submitted within one week of registration. • 1. All Health Inventory Forms* 7. Payment Agreement* • 2. Immunization Certification* 8. Developmental History of Child Form* • 3. Emergency Release Form* 9. Contract* • 4. Transportation Consent Form* 10.Child Information Form* • 5. Field Trip Waiver* 11. Emergency Medical Form* • 6. Emergency Preparedness Waiver Form* *ALL CONTRACT FORMS AND FORMS ISSUED BY THE STATE OF MARYLAND ARE DUE DAY OF REGISTRATION (copies may be obtained from currant school) • Please save this link in your favorites to view updates and information http://www.my-world-of-smiling-faces-childcare-and-tutoring-center.com /

  9. Specifications of the Client2a • We will be issuing “ID” Cards for the children in our care for their files and for field trips. The cost of the cards will be $25 per child. Each family will receive one card for mom and one card for dad. Additional cards are $5 each. These cards must be updated annually. The cards will have our building address, as well as the child’s address, their name, DOB, height, weight, eye and hair color, DOI and right thumb print. All children enrolled in our care must have an “ID” card.

  10. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client3 • Illness: *Screening: Children will be visually screened as they arrive. If a child exhibits sighs of illness, it will be determined if the symptoms indicate the need for exclusion until remedied. In the event a child becomes ill and needs to be picked up; the child will be separated from the rest of the children until a parent arrives. If your child is coughing up mucus, sneezing out mucus, or his/her runny nose is not clear (white, yellow, brown, green or bloody) your child MUST STAY HOME. *Non-Admittance: A child will not be admitted if he / she exhibits symptoms for exclusion. If your child has mucus of any color other then clear, and if your child is unable to participate in the normal activities of the daily schedule, then your child must stay home. If your child is receiving shots he/she must stay home on the day shots are given. * Exclusion from child care: 1. Child(ren) with communicable diseases 2. Vomiting & diarrhea* 3. Temperatures of 99 degrees* 4. Streptococcus Infections** 5. Impetigo* 6. Ringworm*** 7. Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)** 8. Chickenpox** 9. The common cold and any “Flu” like symptoms ** 10.Measles / Mumps / Mrsar.*** 11.allergies with expectorants *Child(ren) can return after 24 hours of treatment w/antibiotics and a doctors note **Child(ren) can return after 48 hours of treatment w/antibiotics and a doctors note ***Child(ren) can return after 72 hours of treatment w/antibiotics and a doctors note • Medications:The provider shall not administer prescription or non-prescription medications to a child with out the written consent of the parents / guardians and a statement from a physician. However parents / guardians must administer dose and sign each day medication is needed for administrating. If child(ren) becomes ill while under the care of the provider, the parents / guardians will be notified immediately and has 1 hour to retrieve their child. If a pick up from school is requested due to illness, a fee of $15 is added to your weekly tuition and immediate pick up from child care is required (must be picked up with in the hour of notification).

  11. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client3a If you insist on or need to bring your ill/sick child to childcare please supply the following items for your child’s “wellness kit”. 2Boxes of tissue and 1 bag of wipes (for running noses) 2 Bottles of 19 fl. oz. “Professional Lysol” (for coughs and sneezes on soft surfaces) 2 Bottles of 10 fl. oz. “Germ-X” hand sanitizer (for little germy hands) Medication with the child's name on it (be sure that you administer the medication upon arrival and at pick-up. Only one dose will be given during the 9 hour stay in childcare) with a signed medication administration form signed by a doctor. 2 Jar of “Clorox Clean-up” wipes (for wiping down sneezed on hard surfaces) A box of latex or medical gloves Or add $75.00 to your weekly tuition for each week your child is in my care with an illness. *Please note this is only for colds and serious allergies that can become a cold or worse. All other illnesses mentioned in the previous page for exclusions still apply…ie- pinkeye, strep throat, vomiting, diarrhea, ringworm, chickenpox, measles, mumps, mrsar, any open infected wounds, any expectorants from nose, eyes, or mouth with yellow, green, brown, or bloody coloring and no rashes of any kind.

  12. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client3b • Meals & Snacks: Mealtimes: Provider will supply two meals and two snacks each day for the children. Then times the meals / snacks served are listed below. Parents / guardians will be responsible for supplying adequate amount of formula and baby food for infants, and food for children with special diets. For the first two weeks of care and after that the provider will provide the formula or food for then on. Children are not allowed to chew gun in either facility. Parents / guardians are welcomed to purchase special birthday treats (cakes, cookies, juices..etc.) • Any / All allergies to food must be indicated in the contract. (“eppy pens” must be available to provider in case of an emergency.) • Before and After are for Headstart and Pre-K programs with children under 5 years of age. • * Breakfast: 6:00am-7:00am(B/A) • Breakfast: 7:00am-8:30am (all-dayers) • Snack #1: 10:00am-10:30am (all-dayers) • Lunch: 12:30pm-1:30pm (all-dayers) • Snack #2: 3:00pm-4:00pm. (B/A and all-dayers) • Dinner: 5:30pm-6:00pm (Extended care) Please note; times may vary

  13. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client4 • Visitations:The My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center has an open door policy. Parents / Guardians have the right to free access during all times of business and all areas used by children during the hours of operation. We will allow the parents / guardians of the child in care, unsupervised visits to their child only. Chaperones are only allowed after proper Maryland State background check has be completed and all paperwork is copied by the staff of MWoSFCCC and filed. • Holding Space for Summer:This is optional. All children enrolled in My World of Smiling Faces Summer Care program please note: There is a non-refundable fee of $170.00 per child to guarantee an opening for the following school year. Without this fee. Space cannot be guaranteed. The center will operate on a “First come first serve” basis after the agreed upon return date has come about. Being enrolled in the summer care program does not guarantee a space for the following school year of child care. • Supplies: Please note: Parents / Guardians, The My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center will provide most of the basic supplies needed for the school year, to include academic instruction, and books, (pencils, pens, crayons, paper, rulers, and erasers) games and toys will be provided to create a stimulating and enriching experience for each child, as well as enhance their freedom for artistic development. For infants, diapers, wipes, and formula will be available. All supplies will stay with the center. If your child has special needs or allergies of any kind, the parents / guardians must supply any / all needed equipment for the easement and enjoyment of the child while in care of the center. Please remember to bring a change of clothes (under & outer ware) appropriate for the season in case of an accident. Absolutely no outside toys or games of any kind will be permitted in either facility. • Please note: If your child appears in any/all advertisements, there will be no compensation for the use of him/her whether or not the child is enrolled with the center. If you choose not to have your child participate in any advertisements please have a notarized letter stating your request. The letter of request must be submitted at the same time the contract is submitted.

  14. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Specifications of the Client5My Child’s(ren) Contract Agreement to MWoSFCCC • I / We, ___________________, _________________ and _________________ agree to be on my best behavior at all times. I will follow all rules set by my parents, teachers, and providers. I will always try my best to do my best. I will never quit anything I start, and I will work hard to be smart. I will always try to do all my chores at home, class work and homework at school and at Childcare, and I will always be a good listener. I will always respect myself and others. I will always treat people the way I want to be treated. And to my team (my parents, teachers, and providers) I promise to always make you proud. • Signatures: _______________________ _____________________ ___________________ ____________________ Student / Child(ren) Parents / Guardians Teacher Provider

  15. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Specifications of the Client5Cell Phone Policy • Possession: When your child/ren carries their cell phones, the responsibility of the upkeep, whereabouts, and use is totally their own. We are not responsible for the upkeep, whereabouts, or use of their phone at all. If your child/ren loses or misplace his/her phone or if it gets taken from the teacher or principal from school it is not our responsibility to try to find it of retrieve it from the school. If the cell phone is lost or stolen in school the child/ren must notify us immediately so we can notify you. If your child/ren leaves his/her cell phone at the school and wants to return to get it, you will be called for the notification, however if we have already left the school and you want us to return to retrieve the cell phone then a $10 return to school fee will be due at pick up. • Use: Your child/ren can only make phone calls after 4:30 p.m. (or in any emergency). If a “check in” is needed, it will be conducted in our presence between 2:30-2:45 p.m. Once your child/ren has gotten on the van the cell phone must be put away immediately in their back packs, bags, purses or book bags. Phone calls are strictly prohibited between the hours of 2:45-4:30 p.m. Please reiterate the importance of their responsibility to the cell phone they possess. If you need to get in touch with your child during the hours of study (2:45-4:30) please call us first so we may have the opportunity to isolate your child while the communications between you may commence. We do not for any reason want to disturb or disrupt the other students from their work or their “one on one” tutoring time. Your child/ren is prohibited from using another child’s cell phone for any reason. Nor will they be allowed to let anyone else use their cell phone for any reason what so ever. The children in our care my use our staff’s cell phone to include Mr. Rob or Ms. Shenna’s cell phone if needed. It will not be used for their personal phone. If for any reason the children will need to use the phone, their phone conversation will be limited to 5 minutes per child per day. Please understand our cell phones are our business lines and other parents may need to contact us as well.

  16. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Rates, Payments, & Other Fees1 Age Chart of Payment *Special holiday, Extended, Evening, and Weekend Care Prices will be available on a first come first serve basis as needed. * There is a $30.00 daily drop in fee plus field trip cost if taken on drop in days. *There will be a family discount for two or more children from the same family attending the center. • Please note, once each month an educational field trip will take place. Notices will detail the times, places, and extra fees (if applicable) and signatures will be required. • A “teen” mentoring program and a student community hour workshop will also be available from ages 13-17.

  17. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Rates, Payments, & Other Fees2 Age, Time, and Event Chart There will be no drop offs after 9:00am. (Dr. appointments are the only exception) {page 7} Breakfast will not be serve after 8:30 am. Special arrangements can be made for parents with different work schedules. Please be advised that it is against the law to have your child in Childcare for more than 9hours per day in a 40 hour work week. Payment must be received the week before the child begins child care. All cost / payments must be in full, there are no post dated checks, or partial payments excepted. The payment will include most supplies, food, equipment, light tutoring, and most field trips. A calendar of events will come home every month. This will include the menu, events, and trips. It will be in news letter form.

  18. My World of Smiling Faces Child Care Center Initial here Rates, Payments, & Other Fees3 • Payment: Payment is due in full on Friday (before the week of service). There are no post payment options. If the holiday should fall on the payment day, then payment of service is expected (Thursday) the day before the holiday. For example; if the 4th of July (or any holiday) should fall on Friday, payment should be received on the Thursday before. If Christmas falls on a Thursday, payment should be received on that Wednesday before. All payments / fees must be paid in full and on time. A late fee of $30.00 per day will be due for payment received after 6:00pm Friday. Payment is due Friday evening at pick-up (or by 6:00pm). If your child(ren) is/are absent for any reason on the day of payment, the Parents / Guardians are still responsible for making sure the payment is received, or a late fee will incur. Parents / Guardians are responsible for paying a regular weekly fee even when the child(ren) is absent for any reason. • Late Charges: A late fee of $20.00 for the first minute after 6:00pm (and $1 for every minute there after) will be charged for late pick-up past the contracted time. $30.00 for the first minute (and $1 for every minute there after) will be charged for late pick-up past the contracted time based on the “All-Day, Extended-day, and Special-day” services. Late payments for that day is expected in cash when you arrive. Repeated late pick-up will result in termination of services. • Other Fees: • Registration: A $100.00 (per family, not child) registration fee will be due on acceptance of service (when all forms are complete and turned in with signatures). • A $1.00 per page of any copies made of any documents (ex. Front page =$1.00, Front and back = $2.00) • A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to all credit card transactions. • Court Fee: In the event that the responsible party fails to pay for child care services, that party will be turned over to a collection agency. Late payment fees will continue to accrue until the balance is paid in full. The responsible party will also be liable for any cost related to the collection of fees, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and court cost.

  19. My World of Smiling Faces • Child Care Center Initial here Tax Information & Other Fees • Receipts are given after ever payment is received. If you’re in need of a copy of your payment receipt, please note that a $5.00 fee is required for any and all copies of payment receipts. All copies are available from the MWoSFCCCoffice upon request. An annual statement of tuition paid, although not required by law, will be distributed as a courtesy to currently enrolled families for tax purposes in the last week of January. However if your child was not enrolled for more than 90 days, a tax receipt will not be given for that said child’s service. Former participants (from the previous year only) may request a tax receipt by contacting the MWoSFCCCoffice. Each family, current or former, will receive only one tax receipt form from our company. Your child must be enrolled for more than 90 days to be eligible for any and all tax release forms. The MWoSFCCCfederal identification number will be given on the last receipt of payment for those who are withdrawn for December 31. Copies of lost receipts are $5.00. Copies of the tax forms are $100.00. All tax forms must be signed for by the payee. When receiving the end of the year statement a contract renewal as well as form updates must be submitted. A one-on-one parent/provider conference of your child’s/children’s progress will also take place. Please allow a 15 minute time frame for this process.

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