Shining stars
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Shining stars . Kitty Tinsley Prior to the show I slotted colour filters in the lights and matched up the colours to the channels and labeled the channels so that the light team would find it easier. Act 1 Cheerleaders –cheer mix.

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Shining stars

Shining stars

Kitty Tinsley

Prior to the show I slotted colour filters in the lights and matched up the colours to the channels and labeled the channels so that the light team would find it easier

Act 1 cheerleaders cheer mix
Act 1Cheerleaders –cheer mix

No equipment was needed prior to the performance however at the end pompoms needed to be collected in . However we did use the smoke machine.

Compares sophie and joe
Compares- sophie and joe

  • Two hand held microphones of which one was needed to be taken away after and the other was needed to be put on a stand for the next performance.

Act 2 k ate d ennis therapy
Act 2Kate Dennis-therapy

  • For this act we needed to set up a microphone on a stand ,a stool and we needed to connect her guitar to the gold amplifier .

Act 3 confusion b eyonce remix
Act 3confusion-Beyonce remix

  • All we needed to do is take all prior equipment off the stage and during the act use the smoke machine at dramatic/appropriate points of the dance.

Act 4 neon rhythmix rumour has it
Act 4Neon rhythmix- rumour has it

  • 2 hand held microphones, bass guitar and 1 chair needed

Compares sophie and joe1
Compares- sophie and joe

  • Two hand held microphones needed.(take off all prior equipment)

Act 5 lyrical make you feel my love
Act 5lyrical-make you feel my love

  • Add two stands but keep the two microphones from the compares.

Act 6 choir roar
Act 6choir-roar

  • We need to take two benches onto the stage and place them diaganly in the back corners. we also need to place 5 on stand microphones, one on front of each bench and three across the front (me and Michaela performed in this act).

Act 7 iirr b ollywood dance
Act 7IIRR- Bollywood dance

  • Remove all prior equipment off the stage so that the dancers have room to do their performance.

Compares sophie and joe2
Compares- sophie and joe

  • Place two hand held microphones on the stage.

Act 8 a lex n icklin a shley skyscaper
Act 8Alex NicklinAshley - Skyscaper

  • Take away the second compare microphone but leave the first.

Act 9 singing and dancing and all that jazz
Act 9singing and dancing-and all that jazz

  • make sure that the microphone wire is out of the way so that the dancers don’t trip on it.

Act 10 e lla foster and chloe i nskip stay
Act 10Ella foster and Chloe Inskip-stay

  • Add an extra microphones and put them on stands.

Compares sophie and joe3
Compares- sophie and joe

  • Take the stands off the stage and hand the microphones to the compares.

Act 11 room 21
Act 11- room 21

  • We needed to place four on stand microphones, one for the flute (which I played) , two vocal microphones and one for the cajon (which sam played) . We also need to plug in the guitar (that josh was playing) into an amplifier.As well as setting up a music stand to put the flute music on.

Act 12 gcse dance
Act 12-GCSE dance

  • Thankfully for this act not a lot of equipment was needed however due to the size of the group and their choreography, it was essential, for health and safety purposes, that the microphone (and other) wires and small equipment was out of their way.

Compares s ophie and j oe
Compares- Sophie and Joe

  • Place two hand held microphones on the stage.

Act 13 s ophie and c ael home
Act 13Sophie and Cael-home

  • As this act followed the compares and one of the performers was one of the compares it was fairly simple setting up two microphones on stands and a connecting wire for the guitar to the amp in extra time (due to compares) we had more than a satisfactory period of time to set up their act. However this act was very unprepared in the weeks leading up to the show so it was only a few days before hand that we found out the equipment they needed.

Act 14 the pointe of harmony singing and ballet dancing
Act 14the pointe of harmony-singing and ballet dancing

  • For this act we needed to bring forward the two microphones from the last act and rearrange them on the stage so that there is room for two ballet dancers . Meaning for health and safety reasons we need to make sure all wires are tucked away safely.

Act 15 t abla drumming
Act 15- Tabla drumming

  • Due to this act being a late entry stage plans and equipment list were a little last minute (unprepared/ unrehearsed) .However we eventually found out that we needed to move the two stands from the last performance into the center of the stage, however due to the performers sitting on the floor and the height of their drums the stands needed to be lowered in order to pick up the sound of the instruments.

Compares s ophie and j oe1
Compares- Sophie and Joe

  • Take two stands off he stage but leave the two microphones on for the compares to use.

Act 16 cheeky jelly tots love story
Act 16cheeky jelly tots-love story

  • Although there was 5 stands and microphones needed for this act it was easier to set them up as there was already two microphones on stage and we had the extratime thanks to the compares.

Act 17 fifth symphony anything could happen
Act 17fifth symphony-anything could happen

  • For this act we needed to place 5 stools behind each microphone and we needed to remove all 5 stands from the prior act. In my opinion this changeover was the most difficult and therefore it took all the members of the back stage crew to pull it off . However during this act one of the microphones temporarily stopped working so two of them had to share.

Act 18 monster
Act 18 -monster

  • For this performance the performers only required two hand held microphones on the side of the stage. But we had to make sure the wires were only on that side of the stage because there were three dancers occupying the rest of the stage.

Compares sophie and cael
Compares- sophie and cael

  • Two hand held microphones placed on the stage

Act 19 em singers 1000 years
Act 19-em singers-1000 years

  • For this act they required 5 hand held microphones so because there was two already from the compares we only needed to put 3 more microphones on the stage.

Act 20 fusion dancers
Act 20-fusion (dancers)

  • For these we personally as back stage crew only needed to take the equipment off from the last performance because they only needed a cd played since it was a dance performance . This also means we needed to make sure there was no wires left out for health and safety reasons.

Act 21 danielle singing
Act 21-Danielle-singing

  • For this act we needed to set up 1 hand held microphone on the stage for her singing act.

Act 22 staff dance
Act 22- staff dance

  • For this act no equipment was needed to be placed upon stage, however we did need to take 1 hand held microphone off the stage. We also needed to ensure no cables were in the way so that the staff would not trip on them.

Act 23 4 crystal stars
Act 23- 4 crystal stars

For this act we needed to place 4 microphones and 4 microphone stands, and make sure the wires are in a safe position for when the acts enter and leave the stage.