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Raed Student Systems Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Raed Student Systems Project

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Raed Student Systems Project
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Raed Student Systems Project

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  1. Raed Student Systems Project Status of Banner Student Systems Registration Team (February 2008)

  2. Contents • What is BANNER? • Major Components of BANNER System • Accomplishments of Banner Implementation Activities • What’s new in Banner? • What’s new in Faculty Web? • What’s new in Student Web? • BANNER Philosophy Requires Changes in Some of our Practices • Challenges & Difficulties • Questions / Suggestions

  3. Team Members • Dr. Ahmad Al-Dharrab (Team Leader) • Muhammad IjazAbbasi • UkhailAhamedSekerdey • SyedNaveedKhursheed • Mohammed Jahangir Pasha • Fahd Al-Mutair • Muhammed Al-Obayyed • ManzoorZahur Khan • SyedMubasherNoman • Othman Saleh Al-Numair • Waleed Khalid Al-Jama’an

  4. What is BANNER? • BANNER is introduced as a part of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for KFUPM • BANNER is an Oracle based Student Information System and will replace the current legacy system SIS-Plus.

  5. Major Components of Banner Student Systems • Banner Student System – Internet Native Banner (INB) • Banner Web for Students • Banner Web for Faculty & Advisors • Banner Security

  6. Banner Student Systems Tools Used • ODS & COGNOS - Data Extraction & Reporting Management • SQL Developer – Data migration and Reporting Management • Data Migration Toolkit – Provided by Sungard • Luminis Portal - for Banner Web integration • Other tools such as ODBC, Microsoft Access, Excel, etc…

  7. Accomplishments • Built manually Undergraduate & Graduate Course Catalog with Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, Restrictions, etc… in Banner (1894 Courses) • Populated manually more than 50 Validation Tables (College, Major, Degrees, etc…) • Defined all Academic Rules in Banner (Curriculum Rules, Academic Status rules, Student Honors rules, etc…) • Built manually more than 40 degree plans and rules for all Majors in CAPP (Curriculum, Advising & Program Planning) • Implemented more than 15 crosswalk tables required for data migration from SIS Plus to Banner • Resolved duplicate IDs of Students & Faculty by combining them with one ID • Populated data for all Academic Buildings & Class Rooms • Prepared Data Standards document for Banner Student • Provided consultation to other Banner Teams

  8. Banner Data Migration - Accomplishments • Data migration exercise was performed by 1.Using Sungard Migration Toolkit (3 times) - Personal Information of Students & Faculty - Student Curriculums & Field of Study - Class Schedule & Registration - Institutional & Transfer Coursework - Degrees Awarded & Student Honors - Faculty Assignments - Dorms and Rooms Data 2. Using SQL Scripts developed by Registration Team - Student Arabic Names & Sponsor Codes - Schedule Restrictions, Pre-requisites, & Co-requisites - Course Substitutions & Waivers, - Open Matriculation - Coop attributes - Expected Graduation term & Dates - Others • Fresh Data loading will be performed after Registration of Term 072

  9. Banner Student Systems –Security Implementation Accomplishments • Defined more than 50 Banner Classes • Created User Profiles for Deanship of Admissions & Registration users so far, and appropriate roles were assigned to them (Other Banner Student users will be created later on) • Testing functionality of Security Profiles currently in progress

  10. What’s new in Banner? BANNER has several improvements over SIS. Some of them are: • SIS required an emulator (Smart Term) to run, where as BANNER is Internet Native and does not require any additional software. • We used to have max. of 7 pre-requisites in SIS for any course, where as in BANNER we do not have any limit. • Better control over course registration restrictions according to College/Level/Class/Major. • In SIS, there is no co-requisites restriction, where as in BANNER we can enforce the restrictions. • In SIS (degree audit), the maximum number of electives / free-electives is 80, where as in BANNER CAPP (Curriculum Advising & Program Planning) there is no limit.

  11. What’s new in BANNER Web? (1/3) • Faculty Web will be accessed through KFUPM portal via Single Sign-On. • At present, most of the information seen by the faculty is through RegWeb, where as in BANNER information will be seen directly from the system. • In BANNER, Faculty can add/maintain detailed personal information • Advisors can view additional Advisee information such as Registration history, holds, etc…. • Faculty can send email to individual / all students in his class.

  12. What’s new in BANNER Web? (2/3) • Advisors can send email to individual / all advisees. • Presently, faculty can view his teaching schedule, where as in BANNER he can view detailed/graphical weekly teaching schedule. • Faculty can search dynamic class schedules/course catalogs. • In BANNER, faculty can update the Syllabus Information • Faculty can add/maintain office hours through web.

  13. What’s new in BANNER Web ? (3/3) • Student Web will be accessed through KFUPM portal via Single Sign-On (Using kfupm email user name and its password) • In BANNER, Student can add/maintain more personal information • Presently, Student can view his class schedule, where as in BANNER he can view detailed/graphical weekly class schedule. • Student can search dynamic class schedules/course catalogs.

  14. BANNER Requires Changes in Some Practices (1/3) Some of our practices need to be changed, for example:

  15. BANNER Requires Changes in Some Practices (2/3)

  16. BANNER Requires Changes in Some Practices (3/3)

  17. Proposed Change of Format – Term & Student ID

  18. Challenges & Difficulties • Launching of Banner Student System is linked with the readiness of Satellite systems • Access to Banner Web by Students & Faculty thru KFUPM Portal needs their KFUPM emails to be received & loaded in Banner • Unavailability of Sungard Consultants when needed • Change of Sungard Consultants resulted in different opinions by them on Banner Issues • Lack of Technical support to resolve various issues related to Banner which needs immediate actions • Engagement of some team members in other teams • Enormous implementation activities being undertaken by Registration team requiring lots of time and efforts • Involvement of team members in Banner activities as well as routine office work puts additional pressure on them

  19. Questions / Suggestions

  20. Thank You !!!