the financial crisis and its impact on marketing n.
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The financial crisis and its impact on marketing

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The financial crisis and its impact on marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The financial crisis and its impact on marketing. Monika Arnoštová, Věra Hrubá, Monika Chytilová, Jaroslava Kafková, Lucie Řepková, Lenka Šustrová, Anna Zapletalová. Financial crisis Jaroslava Kafková.

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the financial crisis and its impact on marketing

The financial crisis and its impact on marketing

Monika Arnoštová, Věra Hrubá, Monika Chytilová, Jaroslava Kafková, Lucie Řepková, Lenka Šustrová, Anna Zapletalová


Thefinancialcrisisbegan in the USA in 2007 andstilllasts, allstarted as a resultof US housingbubble(2005-2006)

Easillyforshort: theprisesofrealtygrewandbanksgavecheapmortgages, theamericanhomeownersused to takeanothermortgages to paythefirstandthendidn´t havecredit to pay, thentheprisesofrealtycamedownundertheprimarypriseandbanksdidnťhavebuyersforconfiscatedrealty

  • Alsoexpensiveoillowered GDP (touchedadvancedcountries)

Canbecompared to Great Depressin in 1930‘s

  • Spread to wholeworld, to our country cameattheendof 2008, madeproblems in allsegmentsofeconomics
  • Everyinvestmentssoundedlikerisks, companiesbecameinsolvent
  • Evokedcollectiveredundances, thatmadeallinsolvent – not just companies
  • Icelandwentbankrupt, many countrieshaveproblems, the USA stoped to bethestrongestcontry
  • Bankruptcies (CIT GroupInc. And many others)
  • Peopleloosehomes, save money, don‘t vant to spend money headlong, are afraidofloosingjob
  • Dominategeneraldistress, fearandhelplessness
  • Expensiveloans, pricesfall, peoplethinkovertheirinvestments (theywantqualitty)
  • Abusingemployeesfear
  • Circle – companies don‘t pay to employees, employees don‘t spend money – companies don‘t have money so don‘t payemployees
t he most common processes czech companies in financial crisis
the most common processes czech companies in financial crisis

Every company wants to be successful, effective and earning

Often make mistakes, who he thinks will increase their business forless money

Common mistakes:

reduction marketing budgets

release of experienced managers

less members in the work team to more work

bonus services are considered unnecessary luxury

f ive points which compaines should hold in financial crisis
five points, which compaines should hold in financial crisis

1. Excellent choice of target groups. Not waste time with potential clients without any clear motivation for the use of our services.

2. Clear profile of services - communicate clearly and beat the contents and value of service.

3. Increased attention to contacts and relationships - regret the means to keep and develop a positive relationship.

4. Focusing on modern communications technology. An example is dramatically increasing efficiency Facebook.

5. Don´t lose attention after crisis - remember the marketing mix targeted for a period of recovery and boom.

m odern trends of communication in times of economic crisis
modern trends of communication in times of economic crisis

The modern concept of advertising, PR and change to management of publicity.

- transition from an advertising campaign to the information campaign

- CSR, transition from the sponsorship of major events to low-cost

one, but with an appropriate targeting

Use of low-cost communication like buzzmarketing, viral marketing and WOM marketing

Improved communication with existing customers

The boom in Internet communications in crisis ( newsletter, smard cards, e-shops)

h ow see czech managers marketing in crisis
how see czech managers marketing in crisis

exploration of agency GfK and advertising agency TBWA

Managers most save in the production and human resources.

The graph also shows that Czech managers learn and sacrifice marketing finance is not the first attack against crisis.

finally a few recommendations
finally a fewrecommendations

Think of the future, but bring your value to customers today - innovate products and processes to better meet customer needs.

Use different media, interactive media allow you to personalize ads tailored chosen target group of customers.

Constantly build awareness about your brand, build confidence in customer and the feeling of familiarity with your company.

You can make the most of opportunities of publicity on the Internet.

Guerilla marketing can bring interesting results with minimal cost.

Take advantage of viral marketing, people believe more friends than any marketing.

finally a few recommendations1
finally a fewrecommendations

Remember that a good brand and good customer relationships, enhance competitiveness.

Help a man who shares a passion. Help him share it through your brand.

Work with creative agencies in the realm of ideas in marketingand in its implementation.

Differentiate themselves from their competitors, f.e. manner of distribution.


TV spot in 2005 and in 2008


time line 2008 2009
time-line 2008-2009

How opinions have changed to the crisis over time


„We do not plan to limit marketing expenditures,“ Jan Kaše (Klick4Sky)


→ first firing of employees, ending of some agencies (Křídla, Tanagra)

time line 2009
time-line 2009

January – February

→ ongoing firing of employees and further austerity measures

→ f. e. also Unilever manages its activities from Hungary because of saving money

Other effects of crisis

→ half empty audience of exhibitions (Autosalon)

→ closed agencies

→ special anti-crisis offers

decrease of takings

→ ad takings of media decrease in ČR by 2,27%

→ so takings were 53,6 million crowns

→ radio: takings decrease by 4,61%

→ print: - 10,12%

→ cinemas: - 14,22%

→ tv: takings increase by 6,51%

→ digiboards: increase of takings


→ Agencies that work with better tools and immediate impact on sales

→ agencies that are focused on marketing research

→ and also promo and digital agencies

→ those, who offer cheap material and good servis

→ new media like digiboards and also internet

i nternet marketing and the financial crisis
internet marketing and the financial crisis

→ internet marketing increase

→ 11%

→ on-line advertising campaigns

→ investors are moving their advertising activity on the Internet

→ using the Internet ads can be targeted to reach potential customers

luxury goods two trends
luxurygoods - twotrends

existential problems



existential problems

Christian Lacroix, Escada

Luxury hotels


GM, Chrysler



Jewelry, diamonds

Hermès, Louis Vuitton


Luxury vehicles

Fine arts

Private jets

strongest brands in 2009
strongestbrands in 2009

1. Coca Cola

2. IBM

3. Microsft

4. GE

5. Nokia

6. McDonalds

7. Google

8. Toyota

9. Intel

10. Disney

11. HP

12. MercedezBenz

13. Gillette

14. Cisco

15. BMW

16. Louis Vuitton

17. Malboro

18. Honda

19. Samsung

20. Apple

brand helper in crisis
brand – helper in crisis


1. bespecial

2. becauseofmaterial

3. impressothers

Advantage of the old and strong brands



social responsibility

52% of consumers globally are more likely to recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that does not

42% say that if two products are of the same quality and price, commitment to a social purpose trumps factors like design, innovation and brand loyalty when choosing one brand over the other

Important firms in our region and their marketing communication it the time of crisisMonika Arnoštová
b arum continental b2c communication
barum Continental: B2C communication
  • Internet:
    • change of e-shop
    • Facebook communication
    • PR articles on specialized web pages
  • Radio:
    • Nationwide station Evropa 2
  • Outdoor
  • Event:
    • Barum Rally Zlín
  • In the time of crisis they do not use: sponsorship, TV advertising
  • The main strategy in the time of crisis is f.e. cooperation with competitors like web page
t escoma b2c communication
tescoma: B2C communication
  • Tescoma: B2C communication
  • Internet:
    • e-shop
    • facebook communication
  • Print:
    • PR articles on specialized magazines
  • (Apetit, Beverage & Gastro, Chef Gurmán, Nejlepší recepty, La Cucina Italiana)
    • Advertising in these magazines
  • Outdoors
  • TV:
    • Tescoma s chutí - Nova – programme about cooking
  • Direct e-mail
    • Regularly offer of Tescoma products
  • Sales promotion
h am b2c communication
hamé: B2C communication
  • Internet:
    • web page
    • PR articles on specialized web pages
  • Print:
    • PR articles
  • TV:
    • Ads on their products
  • Sales promotion
  • Tescoma and Hamé experience impacts of the economic crisis like Barum Continental.