blending with colours the eclectic style n.
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Residential Architect in Cochin PowerPoint Presentation
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Residential Architect in Cochin

Residential Architect in Cochin

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Residential Architect in Cochin

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  1. BLENDING WITH COLOURS – THE ECLECTIC STYLE By Monnaie Architects & Interiors

  2. The eclectic style may be well defined as a selection of colours which appears in various other styles the best. It is a collection of elements which has been gathered from different sources and put together into a different style. However, this does not mean that this style is easy to create or replicate. Mixing & matching elements from different styles is not as easy as it seems. Simply taking the elements which you may like the best in each and every style and randomly throwing them here and there is not enough. It is important to be very moderate when creating different contrasts and to create a balanced design. The idea is to create something that represents your style & what you are basically. An eclectic interior design is explained and distinguished  by various contrasts and designs. Best Architects in Cochin

  3. Consider Every Piece’s worth Before you start with decorating, be very specific of each single piece you want in the room. Is it worth or what its style is. Even if a room does not look too perfect, then it should still be put together. Eclectic does not mean throwing lots of random pieces here and there. • Choose Balancing Items You can place some identical pieces in the room to help you balance the eclectic styles. These items can create harmony, balance and link different parts of the room together. An example would be two identical coffee table or draperies. Residential Architect in Cochin

  4. Leave Contrast It is not necessary that everything should match. Play with a contrast in the room. This can include and indulge mixing hot and cold colours, such as with a pink sofa and a green one, or adding a refurbished piece of furniture to a sleek, polished room. This contrast becomes an interesting part of your décor. • Keep the Basics Neutral • It is important that you make sure you also maintain some neutral colours in the room, such as with paintwork. This allows adding stronger colours in the design of the room, without creating a clash and tiff on any styles. Home Architecture Design Cochin

  5. Match Colours or Fabrics If it seems nothing is matching, then bringing the items that can work well with each other even if they seem quite different. A good place to start is to try to match some paint, fabrics or colours. Patterns can be the example of what can be mixed up. • Sequel Style Do not forget to choose repeating certain items in the room, for instance items of similar shapes can be brought in. An example would be a circular coffee table with a circular decorative mirror and a rectangular curio unit with a rectangular coffee table. Commercial Architecture Cochin

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