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We provide cards games for adults fun. To create thrill and fun play monkey spank card game within your group. For more detail visit at

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Group Card

Games for


To know more about

group card games for

adults visit us

Monkey Spank is a group card game for

adults. You need to be quick wit, fast eyes,

and a kinky sense of humor! Laugh as

your friends yell out adult pictures on

cards. Keep playing till one player finishes

playing all the cards in their hand. Each

and every card in the deck has one

corresponding matching image or

word. Be the first to find the match, call it

out loud & play your card for the win!

How to play cards monkey


It is a card game for adults . Not find a

match, keep looking.....every card in the

deck has a corresponding match. In the

photo it shows the card in hand having a

stripper matching the playing card face

up on the table. Call out "Stripper!" and

play your card for the win.

Monkey Spank, the adult party

game about to be launched on

Kickstarter this

Thanksgiving! Free fun to be


We are working overtime

to launch Monkey Spank!

this Thanksgiving

weekend! We are super

excited to bring this

game to you over

Kickstarter soon! Here

we will update the

Kickstarter process and

include updates on the

game. Follow us on

social and be the first to

get your Monkey


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