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The 10 Most Fascinating Tour

Packages of Kota Kinabalu

River Cruise – Firefly and Proboscis Monkey

Travel down the Klias river and observe local wildlife in their natural habitats from a

comfortable boat. You will see many animals like the proboscis monkey, kingfishers, and

eagles on your way; as your cruise continues into the evening, witness the stunning

displays of fireflies on the river. If you’re lucky, you can see bats or even a flying fox!

Package includes tea before the cruise and a delicious buffet dinner back at the jetty.

Duration: 1 day

White Water Rafting Experience

Enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the rainforest while rafting down a rushing river.

Programs are available for all experience levels; some programs are even suitable for

young children and the elderly. This tour includes sightseeing along the way to the river, a

delicious local lunch, and even an English-speaking guide to show you the sights.

Adventurous travelers can raft through exciting rapids along the way!

Duration: 1 day

Rasa Ria Orang Utan Encounter

This half-day trip allows you to meet orangutans up close and personal at a local

Orangutan Nature Reserve. First, you’ll see an informational video produced by the

Reserve; then you will get a chance to see real orangutans in their natural habitat. Watch

them swing between trees, eat their favorite snacks, and use sophisticated tools. There

will be opportunities for photographs with the orangutans as well as a personal briefing

from staff at the Nature Club.

Duration: half day

Island Hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Enjoy the five lovely islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP)! Each of them has

pristine white beaches, sparkling teal water, and a wide variety of marine life; three of

these islands (Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik, and Pulau Manukan) also have bright coral

reefs that teem with the beautiful diversity found only among the coral. Go snorkeling in

the coral, swimming in the clear ocean, or simply enjoy the unique beaches at TARP.

Duration: 1 day

Hot Spring and Kinabalu Park

At Kinabalu Park, you can enjoy the cooler mountain climate around Mount Kinabalu.

Observe the thousands of plant species and catch a glimpse of over 500 species of

butterflies and birds. On your way to the park, see traditional kampong houses and stop

at a market of locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as handmade souvenirs; after a

nature walk in Kinabalu Park, savor a local lunch and then travel to the Poring Hot

Spring. Walk among the canopies of trees or soak in Japanese baths powered by the

natural sulfurous water of Poring.

Duration: 1 day

Mantanani Island Excursion

The Mantanani Islands are surrounded by crystal waters and pristine white beaches, but

their special attraction is the dugongs, or sea cows, that live in the area. Mantanani

means ‘mermaid’ in English: because of the dugongs, these islands were named the

Mermaid Islands. Snorkel or dive in the lovely waters and try to catch a glimpse of the

dugongs—however, due to their shyness, don’t expect them to come right out to you!

Duration: 1 day

Mari Mari Cultural Village

Drive just 25 minutes away from the city and you’ll come to Mari Mari village, a traditional

Bornean village where you can catch a glimpse of what ancient Borneo was like. Witness

old rituals, traditional tattoo- and blowpipe-making demonstrations, and beautiful ancient

architecture. While you’re there, enjoy the culinary specialties of a variety of Bornean

ethnic groups, including bamboo cooking and montoku (traditional rice wine).

Duration: half day

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, a 280-acre recreation of the habitats of endangered plants

and animals, will bring you face-to-face with some of the rarest creatures in the world.

Meet pygmy elephants, Sumatran rhinoceri, and even Malayan tigers! In addition, see

some of the most famous primates (like proboscis monkeys and orangutans). You can

also see many rare plants in the Lok Kawi Botanical Site, including the famous pitcher

plant and other unusual species.

Duration: half day

Tip of Borneo, Kudat

Explore Kudat, the northernmost part of Borneo, and see its astonishing landscapes. In

addition to the white beaches and rocky cliffs, you can see indigenous villages, traditions,

and craftsmanship. Visit with the Rungus people, who wear distinctive traditional

costumes and create beautiful beaded ornaments. After eating a conventional Rungus

lunch, visit a Kudat bee farm where you will learn about apiculture and try some honey

fresh out of the hive.

Duration: 1 day

City Tour and Shopping

Learn all about Sabah’s capital city and visit the most interesting landmarks in this half-

day tour! You can see famous religious centers, like the Sabah State Mosque and the

Chinese Buddhist Temple, which feature beautiful artwork. Then see the Yayasan Sabah

Tower, the highest building in the city, and learn about Sabah’s singular history at the

Sabah Museum. End your day at the Filipino Market, which offers produce, seafood, and

handmade souvenirs to remember your visit.

Duration: half day



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