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The Power of…. A Forgiven Woman Women’s Missionary Union Friendship Baptist Church | 2400 Mortensen Pkwy | Ames, IA 50010 First Lady Breanne Ward, Director. Focal Scripture. Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman Luke 7:36-50. …A Forgiven Woman.

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The power of

The Power of…

A Forgiven Woman

Women’s Missionary Union

Friendship Baptist Church | 2400 Mortensen Pkwy | Ames, IA 50010

First Lady Breanne Ward, Director

Focal scripture
Focal Scripture

  • Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman

    • Luke 7:36-50

A forgiven woman
…A Forgiven Woman

  • In verses 36-39, how is the woman described? Look carefully at what she does.

    • What different emotions does she express here?

    • How do you think she feels about herself?

    • What would motivate this woman to crash a dinner party, bring this expensive gift, and weep before Jesus?

  • Point of Reflection:

    • What might we learn here about approaching Jesus?

A forgiven woman1
…A Forgiven Woman

  • In verse 39, how does Simon, the host, react to this uninvited guest?

    • How do you think he feels about himself?

    • How does he feel about Jesus?

  • Jesus responds to Simon with a story in verses 40-43.

    • Noticing all the facts, what is the moral of his story?

    • What is the significance of the creditor’s canceling the debts?

A forgiven woman2
…A Forgiven Woman

  • Notice the interesting turn that Jesus takes toward Simon in verses 44-47.

    • How is Simon different from the woman?

    • How is she better than he?

    • Who do you think is the worse sinner here, the woman or Simon? 

  • In verse 47, what is the response that Jesus wants in those whom he forgives?

  • Point of Reflection:

    • Does this characterize how you have been treating Jesus?

A forgiven woman3
…A Forgiven Woman

  • What is significant about Jesus’ words in verse 48?

  • Since only God can forgive sins, and Jesus forgave sins, what is he saying about himself?

    • Notice how the guests respond.

  • Point of Reflection

    • Are you so content with your relationship with Jesus that you have forgotten ALL of his benefits?

      • With this contentment, do you find yourself picking and choosing what Jesus can forgive you for?

A forgiven woman4
…A Forgiven Woman

  • How do you think the woman felt in verse 50?

  • Point of Reflection:

    • How did you feel when Jesus forgave you?

    • Do you live knowing that you are forgiven?

    • How do you let others know that you ARE forgiven?

A forgiven woman5
…A Forgiven Woman

  • In summary, the woman showed:

    • true repentance

    • her love for Jesus

    • commitment to and faith in him

    • and believed her sins were forgiven.

A forgiven woman6
…A Forgiven Woman

  • Point of Reflection:

    • Based on our life experiences, it may be hard to believe that Jesus really loves us

      • What barriers do you feel are hindering you from accepting Jesus’ love?

        • Is it pride like Simon?

        • Is it fear or broken trust?

          • What would help you to begin breaking through these barriers and accepting the love Jesus has for you? 

  • Invitation to Salvation

  • Closing Prayer



    9-10 A.M.

    Every 2nd Saturday

    Friendship Baptist Church