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SAT #1. Vocabulary for SAT #1. Ambiguous ( adj ) vague, unclear. Synonyms: obscure, uncertain, questionable Antonyms: certain, clear, definite, obvious In a sentence: No one knew what to do; the teacher’s directions were ambiguous . Apathy (n) indifference.

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Sat 1

SAT #1

Vocabulary for SAT #1

Ambiguous adj vague unclear
Ambiguous (adj) vague, unclear

  • Synonyms: obscure, uncertain, questionable

  • Antonyms: certain, clear, definite, obvious

  • In a sentence: No one knew what to do; the teacher’s directions were ambiguous.

Apathy n indifference
Apathy (n) indifference

  • Synonyms: insensitivity, lethargy

  • Antonyms: interest, care, concern

  • In a sentence: For years, student apathy has been blamed for the low turnout at football games.

Bolster v to support
Bolster (v) to support

  • Synonyms: aid, help, maintain, sustain

  • Antonyms: block, decrease, weaken

  • In a sentence: During the debate about whether to go to war, each side selectively used various postwar possibilities to bolster its case.

Caricature n humorous imitation
Caricature (n) humorous imitation

  • Synonyms: cartoon, farce, parody, satire

  • Antonyms: flattery, praise, seriousness

  • In a sentence: The caricature of Jay Leno exhibited an exaggerated chin.

Contentious adj quarrelsome
Contentious (adj) quarrelsome

  • Synonyms: combative, testy, argumentative

  • Antonyms: agreeable

  • In a sentence: After a contentious debate, members of the committee finally voted to approve the funding.

Corroborate v to confirm
Corroborate (v) to confirm

  • Synonyms: justify, validate, verify

  • Antonyms: disprove, invalidate, veto

  • In a sentence: The witnesses corroborated the policeman's testimony.

Cursory adj hastily done
Cursory (adj) hastily done

  • Synonyms: offhand, random, sketchy, superficial

  • Antonyms: careful, detailed

  • In a sentence: The mayor gave a cursory glance at the report.

Daunt v to intimidate
Daunt (v) to intimidate

  • Synonyms: discourage, scare, terrify

  • Antonyms: comfort, encourage, support

  • In a sentence: The raging inferno didn't daunt the firefighters for a moment.

Fervent adj showing great emotion
Fervent (adj) showing great emotion

  • Synonyms: ardent, devout, intense, passionate, zealous

  • Antonyms: apathetic, insincere, unconcerned

  • In a sentence: The pastor’s fervent sermon moved the congregation.

Fracas n brawl
Fracas (n) brawl

  • Synonyms: altercation, riot, uproar

  • Antonyms: agreement, harmony, peace

  • In a sentence: The police broke up the fracas in the bar and threw both combatants in the lockup.

Jocular adj joking facetious
Jocular (adj) joking, facetious

  • Synonyms: cheerful, humorous, playful

  • Antonyms: depressed, gloomy, serious

  • In a sentence: Thejocular man could make the most serious people smile.

Ostentatious adj pretentious showy
Ostentatious (adj) pretentious, showy

  • Synonyms: extravagant, gaudy, glittery

  • Antonyms: moderate, modest, plain

  • In a sentence: The rich man wears an ostentatious diamond ring on his little finger.

Precarious adj dangerous
Precarious (adj) dangerous

  • Synonyms: hazardous, problematic, risky

  • Antonyms: guarded, protected, secure

  • In a sentence: He earned a precarious livelihood by gambling.

Profligate adj wasteful wildly extravagant
Profligate (adj) wasteful, wildly extravagant

  • Synonyms: promiscuous, wild

  • Antonyms: gentle, moral

  • In a sentence: She was very profligate in her spending.

Reprove v to scold find fault with
Reprove (v) to scold, find fault with

  • Synonyms: admonish, condemn, reprimand

  • Antonyms: approve, compliment, praise

  • In a sentence: The teacher reproved the student for begin late.