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TARTUFFE …. . Moli`ere. “A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool.”-Moliere. Moliere. *Moliere’s real name is Jean- Baptiste Poquelin. *He was born on January 15, 1622. He was Born in Paris. He also died in Paris on February 17 1673 . *Moliere was married to a woman named

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“A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool.”-Moliere


*Moliere’s real name is Jean-BaptistePoquelin

*He was born on January 15, 1622. He was

Born in Paris. He also died in Paris on February

17 1673

*Moliere was married to a woman named


tartuffe characters








Madame Parnelle


Monsieur Loyal

Police Officer


TarTUFFE characters

Tartuffe “religious hypocrite” Is promised Orgon’s daughters hand in marriage, everyone in the family can see that he is not innocent and that he is not a good man. Orgon and his mother Mme. Pernelle do not agree with the others. They think he is genuiely a good man.

“ How dare you even hinder or annoy, when iv’e the means to ruin and destroy you should have thought before my toes you trod. Attacking me, you set yourself ‘gainst god!” - moli`ere

mariane and tartuffe

Orgon wants Mariane to marry Tartuffe

Mariane wants to marry Valere

Mariane tries to prove that Tartuffe is not a good person.

Mariane and tartuffe
act iv scenes 5 6

Tartuffe, Elmire, Orgon (hiding)

ELMIREWould you just look about once more? Make sure my husband's nowhere near the door.

- Elmire is hiding Orgon under the table and leading on Tartuffe so she can prove to her husband that Tartuffe is not a good man.

Act iv scenes 5-6
orgon tartuffe

ORGONA total monster; he's an utter cad!He's diabolical ... completely bad!

- Orgon comes out from underneath the table, and starts to confront Tartuffe.

Orgon, Tartuffe
dispute in act 1 scene 5

Cleante and Orgon

Orgon-No more, sir; that will do,

You’re speaking of a man you do not know

Cleante-All right, I Don’t, if you must have it so;

But if we ever really are to learn…

Orgon and Cleante are disputing over Tartuffe. Cleante claims Mariane should be with Valere over Tartuffe.

Orgon disagrees. Thinks Tartuffe is a great man.

Dispute in act 1 scene 5