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LDEs/CDEs. Getting started. Event Selection. First of all, never feel like you have to do every single event Choose the events you feel the most comfortable training Read the rules!! Know the ins and outs of the event to help you prepare.

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Getting started

event selection
Event Selection
  • First of all, never feel like you have to do every single event
  • Choose the events you feel the most comfortable training
  • Read the rules!! Know the ins and outs of the event to help you prepare.
  • If at all possible, volunteer to judge the event in another district or area to see what good teams look like and what good scripts sound like.
  • You are completely responsible for knowing the rules of the events you enter.
  • Rules for state events can be found at
    • Texasffa.org
  • Rules for national events can be found at
    • Ffa.org
important note
Important Note
  • Texas FFA and National FFA rules are not always identical.
    • If you qualify a team for national events, it may require modifications to your training.
team selection
Team Selection
  • Using students who have experience is ideal, but not always an option
  • There are two ways you can go about finding team members
    • Personally invite FFA members who are in good standing and you feel would be a good fit for the team.
    • Have sign ups and tryouts
what s required of students
What’s required of students
  • Team members must be aware from the beginning of the dates and times of all practices and contests
    • Try to deal with any scheduling conflicts. Ask students, check the school calendar, and always stay in contact with parents.
  • Commitment!
    • Students sometimes back out. By having them sign a contract or establishing criteria for participation, you can help eliminate those students who might not follow through.
    • Being on a team can mean lots of practice time, memorization, and effort from team members. Make sure they know what you expect of them before you get started.
trying out
Trying Out
  • Allow the opportunity for all FFA members to sign up
  • Set up criteria for team selection and make sure this is shared with all students wishing to participate
  • Cover your bases!
    • Whenever you have to “cut” people, it hurts feelings.
    • Make sure that you follow your own guidelines and that you are fair and equitable.
preparing your team
Preparing Your Team
    • Know the rules for each event you plan to train
    • Communicate the rules to students
    • Understanding the scoring system and rubrics
    • Be prepared for deadlines and additional requirements
preparing cont d
Preparing, cont’d
  • Getting the materials you need to train
    • IMS
    • CEV
    • National FFA
  • If you’re not sure what to get or where to get it…ASK someone who knows!!
preparing cont d1
Preparing, cont’d
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a mentor
  • Other ag science teachers are usually willing to offer advice and training tips and techniques
  • They may not tell you all of their “secrets” but they won’t mind helping you get started
preparing cont d2
Preparing, cont’d
  • Remember the time to learn the material is in advance of the contest. Make sure you give your students time to be prepared
  • Invite community members/parents/or other ag science teachers to watch a practice
    • Very good for events that have scripts and question segments
    • The more experience they have in front of new faces, the more calm and prepared they will feel
    • It’s also a requirement for the ag issues contest
entering contests
Entering Contests
  • Events can be entered online in most cases at judgingcard.com
  • Make sure you meet the deadlines for entering events!!
  • Know how your school pays for events and follow all paperwork protocol
  • Also, make sure that all members of your team have paid their FFA dues
    • This is an oversight that even veteran teachers can make, so always double check your roster!
day of contest
Day of Contest
  • Register on site
  • Make sure students are at their event locations, they have all the materials they need, and a plan for picking them up.
  • Give your students a pep talk! They’ve worked hard.
  • Warm up rooms are provided for LDEs and speaking events so students can run through their scripts and practice. Try to stay with them and get them focused!
after the event
After the event
  • If you have the opportunity, go back through the event and go over the contest with them.
  • Talk about it with them. Answer any questions they may have.
  • Try to find time to talk to the judges at the conclusion of the event to gather pointers for improving.
share your success
Share Your Success
  • Always take lots of pictures and put in your local paper, newsletter, or Facebook page
  • Give the students the recognition they deserve for their hard work.
  • Celebrate!
  • CDEs/LDEs are a great way to involve your students.
  • Always model good behavior.
  • The responsibility for knowing the rules and being prepared is YOURS!
  • Learn from others, and build on your knowledge each year.
  • Success takes time, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t win the first time you try. Kids need practice, but so do teachers.
tips for trips with official dress
Tips for Trips with Official Dress
  • Check your school’s supply of ties/scarves. You may need to order prior to leadership contests or conventions.
  • Order FFA jackets for all students who will need them SIX weeks prior to the actual date they are needed. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Check and double check the spelling of names and keep documentation of your order!
  • If the supply service makes a mistake, they will fix it for free.
  • If you make a mistake, they will charge for relettering.
official dress cont d
Official Dress, cont’d
  • Make sure students know jacket etiquette and are aware of everything they will need for official dress.
  • Your student not only represent your school, they represent YOU.