the great basin of western usa
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THE GREAT BASIN OF WESTERN USA. THE GREAT BASIN lies between Wasatch Mountains ( Utah ) Sierra Nevada. What is the f lora and fauna of this desert area like?. home of small lizards as well as mountin lions, coyotes. Western fence lizard. Pronghorn.

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what is the f lora and fauna of this desert area like
What is the flora and fauna of this desert area like?
  • home of small lizards as well as mountin lions, coyotes

Western fence lizard


history exploration and settlement
History: Exploration and settlement
  • Archeological evidences of Human habitation
  • When was the area settled?
    • 12, 000 years ago
  • Who lived there at the time of European arrival?
    • Uto-Aztecen-speaking tribes, The Great Basin Tribes: the Shoshone, Ute, and Paiute
exploration and settlement
Exploration and settlement
  • Who came 1st ?
    • 18th c.: Spanish
  • 19th c.:Hudson's Bay Company
  • Who made the 1st accurate map of the region?
    • John C. Frémont, 1840s
  • Why is 1846 important?
    • Oregon Treaty: USA gained full controll over the territory
exploration and settlement1
Exploration and settlement
  • Who created the first white settlement?
    • Mormons, 1848 Salt Lake City, Cache Valley
  • 1848?
    • Discovery of gold in California
  • 1986?
    • Foundation of The Great Basin National Park
present habitation
Concentrates in the two largest cities: Salt Lake City, Utah; Reno, Nevada

Union Pacific Railroad connects the southern and western parts

Present Habitation
tribes of the great basin the desert culture
Tribes of the Great Basin-"The Desert Culture"
  • Who lived there?
    • Bannock, Goshute, Paiute, Ute Tribe, Washoe, Chemehuevi, Shoshone
  • How did they live?
    • Hunters, gatherers
    • Common territories , (need for mobility)

Shoshoni tipi, ~1890

the last major chief of the Comanche Indians

tribes of the great basin the desert culture1
Tribes of the Great Basin-"The Desert Culture"
  • All but the Washoe spoke Numic language
  • What did they used for storage?
    • Pottery was rare, baskets for water, seeds, pine nuts

Baskets from Dat So La Lee, Washoe artist

lifestyle of the aztecs and the great basin tribes

City builders (capital: Tenochtitlan)

Agriculture: farming (maze, cocoa)

Education in schools near their temples

Religion: human sacrefices

Died out (Hernan Cortes 1521)

Great Basin Tribes

Mobile: tepees

Hunters, gatherers

Education in white Mormon schools

Religion: as a respons to poverty, and resistance (Ghost Dance)

Survived (President Roosevelt: Indian New Deal, 1940s)

Lifestyle of the Aztecs and the Great Basin Tribes
Which lifestyle is more successful?

The Aztec Eagle Knight vs Spanish soldier

Sarah Winnemucca - Paiute writer and lecturer