jeus and sclees
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Jeus and sclees

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Jeus and sclees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jeus and sclees. By Megan S T.

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jeus and sclees

Jeus and sclees

By Megan S T

He stepped forward to Mount Olympus. Jeusexamand Mount Olympus all of a sudden Jeus saw something in the corner of his eye. Bravely Jeus strolled in to the cave. He just thought it can’t be as bad as the under world. Befor he knew it he was in the middle of a death trap. Something caught Jeus’s eye it was sclees. All of a sudden Scleesriped his claws against jeus’sback.Jeusdesperatly began to fight. Sclees pushed Jeus to the ground a loud bang echod in the cave Jeus was almost dead.
Sclees roared with pride not looking at Jeus. Jeus regained his strength he stumbled to his feet with out warning he stabbed Sclees as hard as an angry tiger bite in the neck. Sclees fell to the rock floor with a big bang that could be heard from milrs away. Jeusretrived the bow of olympus.