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Celebrate Our Differences PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrate Our Differences

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Celebrate Our Differences

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    1. Celebrate Our Differences Diversity Awareness for Students

    2. Differences are what make us unique individuals.

    3. We all have different Likes and dislikes Opinions, thoughts and beliefs Personal qualities Responses and feelings Family backgrounds

    4. Our opinions are influenced by Other people Our own self esteem Our own experiences Popular media such as television, movies, books, song lyrics, video games

    5. People who dislike diversity tend to Target others for harassment and violence Label different people with stereotypes Practice prejudice and/or discriminate against others

    6. What is prejudice? Websters dictionary defines prejudice as: A suspicion, intolerance, or irrational hatred of other races, creeds, religions, occupations, etc. A judgment or opinion held in disregard of facts that contradict it; unreasonable bias.

    7. Lets talk about prejudice. People are not born prejudiced, they learn to be that way. Prejudice is an opinion formed without full examination of the facts.

    8. What about discrimination? Discrimination is action taken on the basis of prejudice or stereotypes. For example: Ignoring, avoiding or excluding people because of a perceived difference. Violence or threats of violence based on a perceived difference Think of some historical examples of discrimination.

    9. What is a stereotype? A opinion about a group of people that is applied universally to a certain group, without any consideration for individuality. Paraphrased from New Websters Dictionary, 1984 Stereotypes can be based on: Race, age, ethnic background, gender, weight, hair colorand just about anything else!

    10. WHAT CAN I DO???

    11. Appreciate differences Recognize stereotypes Dont stereotype others, and point stereotyping out if you hear or see others doing it . Instead of finding what might be different about a person, figure out what you have in common. The only way to do that, it to TALK TO THE OTHER PERSON! Make a point to learn about other religions and cultures.

    12. Reach Out getting to know people from different backgrounds can help broaden your knowledge of the world! and while you are learning about them, they are learning about you too!

    13. Dont assume anything: Be careful about using stereotypes, even positive ones, because everyone is unique. The best way to find out about another person is to ASK. When asking questions, think about the other persons feelings too. Remember to Listen to what the other person has to say. Think about it

    14. Speak Out When you see an act of hate or disrespect, say something! Let the other person know if something they have said offends you. Silence only reinforces destructive beliefs and behaviors.

    15. MAKE A DIFFERENCE You can make a change in your life and in someone elses by listening, understanding, and acting to celebrate everyones differences.