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Intraday Trading Tips-Money-Classic-Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Intraday Trading Tips-Money-Classic-Research

Intraday Trading Tips-Money-Classic-Research

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Intraday Trading Tips-Money-Classic-Research

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  1. Money Classic Research Classic Way To Success

  2. Introduction When you begin trading, there are a lot of questions. With all the information out there it can be hard to filter through and decide where to start.Money classic research provides to best Advice and Tips to earn lots of money in Trading markets.

  3. What is Intra Day Trading Intraday trading as the name suggests refers to the trading system where you have to square-off your trade on the same day. Squaring off the trade means that you have to do the buy and sell or sell and buy transaction on the same day before the market close. Intraday Trading is also referred to as Day trading by many traders.

  4. Benefits of Intra Day Trading • Day traders can trade with small capital. • Day traders can trade with low brokerage. • Day Traders can get extra exposure for intraday trading. • A Day trader has to trade according to market trend of stock market.

  5. Intraday Trading Strategy • Some traders focus on very short term and exit the position once they reach minimum level of profit. Such traders usually rely on Volume of transactions to make a substantial profit. They carry out multiple buy and sell trades and sometimes exit the position within minutes. • Some traders rely on the trend for Intraday trading and usually are much more patient and make fewer transactions. Engage your Audience • Few traders resort to Intraday trading only in the case of some major event when a particular stock is supposed to go up or down based on some event.

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