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Roti campaign

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Roti campaign. Chocos India. Challenge.

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roti campaign

Roti campaign



  • Our largest brand in India – Chocos – was growing only 19% by mid 2012. This was happening because of very high lapsage, which was not allowing the consumer base to grow, despite high awareness and trial rates. Research revealed that lapsage was being driven by the fact that mothers were not going back to the brand often enough – because they were not convinced about its nutrititive goodness. They were not even aware that Chocos is made from wheat
  • Project Avant Garde had shown that while many brands and products communicate nutrition credentials in scientific terms – breaking up food into vitamins, minerals, etc., this may not always work with the Indian homemaker, since she evaluates the goodness of food using tried & tested traditional benchmarks
  • Mothers are anxious to get a significant role in the wellbeing of their family. However, ready-to-eat product formats like RTEC limit her role, leading to guilt
  • Roti is a shortcut to nutritive goodness
  • Mothers often hide nutrition within kids’ favourite foods
  • There is a ‘power tussle’ between the mom and kid every morning. The mom wants to serve something nutritious but kids don’t enjoy the taste. Hence every morning is a struggle
  • Chocos is ‘The Ultimate Disguise’ since it hides many roti-like qualities inside something that kids love to have
  • Why does it work
    • Removes guilt and provide a role to mom, through the idea of the ‘The Ultimate Disguise – helps her come across as the smart mom and homemaker
    • Hits a “Sweet Spot” as it eliminates the morning power tussle, by giving power to both mom (makes nutrition palatable) and kid (makes chocolate permissible).
  • TVC
    • Built on the idea “Ultimate Disguise”
    • Mothers were assured that “they now no longer need to hide nutrition while serving their kids”
    • Choice of mother :
      • Celebrity Mom was selected for this role
      • Given India’s diversity for the first time a different ceebrity was used for South India and North India
  • Print
    • Innovative use of print media in top 6 cities to detail the idea further
  • PR campaign in 17 cities, generating PR worth $50k
  • Growth by mid 2013 was 33%, a big change from the 19% growth last year; which means the brand added $6.5MM in this period
  • Mothers now agree that Chocos is made from wheat, and not with corn