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teak wood furniture manufacturer in pune n.
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Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer in Pune | Best Teak Wood Furniture in Pune | Decor My Place PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer in Pune | Best Teak Wood Furniture in Pune | Decor My Place

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Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer in Pune | Best Teak Wood Furniture in Pune | Decor My Place
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Best Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer in Pune | Best Teak Wood Furniture in Pune | Decor My Place

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  1. Teak Wood Furniture Manufacturer in Pune Teak Wood

  2. Introduction is a complete space designing, decoration and improvement solution provider company. Our aim is to add beauty and value to the places of those who appreciate beautiful designing, decoration and care for genuine high quality products. • Teak is a popular wood with furniture makers and buyers across the world. Once heavily used, the deforestation of teak is now strictly controlled to ensure a continued and rejuvenated supply of wood.  • Teakwood is the standard that all other woods are compared, and because of the high demand for Teak, many sellers will use such terms as “better than Teak,” “Teak like wood,” or “stronger than Teak” for a fraction of the cost. • There are so many different styles of teak furniture, that finding distinctive tables, chairs, and benches, which compliment your home should be simple. • When you purchase teakwood furniture, you are making a wise and economical choice in many ways. • Teak is a hard wood. It is strong and durable, able to withstand extremes of heat and cold. Whilst this makes it excellent wood for outdoor furniture, it also means that it can provide a lifetime and more of use indoors.

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages Benefits of using Teak Wood: 1. Aesthetic appeal Teak wood has a very attractive looking straight grain pattern coupled with a rich golden-brown colour. In addition to this teak wood furniture also feels great to the touch, when compared with the newer engineered wood alternatives such as Particle boards, MDF and even plywood. 2. Very Strong Teak wood is a hardwood obtained from broad leaved deciduous trees, and it is exceptionally strong, not only when compared to softwoods such as Mango wood or Pine wood, but also when compared with most of the other hardwood species of trees. 3. Very Durable With proper care, teak wood furniture lasts for many long years (in many cases over 100 years). This is the reason why we still find antique teak pieces around. If you wish to buy furniture that will serve you, your children and then your grandchildren, then the best option is to go for teak wood furniture.

  4. 4. Natural resistance to termites and insects. Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains, and also repels other insects that can destroy wood. Anyone who has ever had termites climbing on walls all over the house, and eating all the expensive wooden furniture before, will readily vouch for how important this benefit is. This termite and insect resisting quality in turn increases the life span of wood, and is the reason why teak wood is superior compared to many other wood species. 5. Heat moderation Teak wood like all other solid wooden furniture moderates heat. What this means is that it does not become too hot or too cold in the hot summers or the cold winters even when exposed to the elements. Though most people do not explicitly notice this particular quality of wood, it is one of the reasons why people instinctively like the touch and feel of natural wood furniture compared to its plastic or metal counterparts. 6. Resists rot and decay Teak wood has a very high density, and does not rot or decay easily. This is the reason why it is so durable. Teak wood also has a natural resistance to several alkaline and acidic substances. Hence it does not get spoiled or stained easily.

  5. Disadvantages of Teak wood: 1. Very Expensive This is the only major drawback of teak wood is that its very costly. The reason for this is the declining natural resources over the years. The demand is as high as ever, but supply has reduced. Other than the natural old-growth teak wood in forests, teak plantations (farms) have also flourished over the past years to try and meet this high demand. The price of teak wood logs is indicated as a per cubic feet price, and its much higher compared to buying plywood. Add to this the payments required to be made to artisans for making a customized piece, or the commissions that dealers earn in the case of buying ready made teak wood furniture. It all adds up to the costs. 2. Hard to find high-quality wood High quality and genuine teak wood is hard to identify for customers since it requires some knowledge and experience about woods. Perhaps the easiest way to fix this issue is to get suggestions and help from a trusted and reliable source. 3. Woodworking Tools get blunted. Teak is a hard material. From a carpenters point of view it presents a minor problem since the woodworking tools become blunt and need to be sharpened while working on the wood.

  6. 4. Needs care (needs to be polished once in every couple of years) Compared to decorative laminates over plywood, solid teak wood furniture requires more care and maintenance. It needs to be polished every couple of years to maintain its beauty. My carpenter recommend sanding it with a 180 sand paper, followed by polish.

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