Getting rid of the clipboard
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Getting rid of the Clipboard. How one department of 4.5 staff serve over 2,000 students each quarter South Puget Sound Community College. Our Staff & Students. Asst. Director of Advising & Outreach. Ed Planner FT Perm. Ed Planner FT. Ed Planner PT.

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Getting rid of the clipboard

Getting rid of the Clipboard

How one department of 4.5 staff serve over 2,000 students each quarter

South Puget Sound Community College

Asst director of advising outreach

Our Staff & Students

Asst. Director of Advising & Outreach

Ed Planner

FT Perm.

Ed Planner


Ed Planner


New Student Advising & Registration 1,150from 5/21 to 6/25

Ed Planner

FT Perm.

Undecided Student Advising 896 as of SPRING QTR 2012

Running Start Student Advising 621 as of SPRING QTR 2012

  • Problem: How do we serve all these students without having to meet with them all individually?

  • Move to a system where students choose how to see us

  • Make resources available online

  • Focus on certain groups at key points in the quarter

  • Make walk in quick and easy

  • Make booking appointments the responsibility of the student





  • No front counter receptionist

  • Too many students to assign individual advisors

  • Ever changing advisee list

  • How do they schedule?

    • Phone tag

    • Email overload


Cost: $39.95/ month

Free 30 day trial

15% lifetime discount if referred by SPSCC

Types of Service

Online Scheduling

Business Hours

Easy Scheduling

Different Centers

Create different services to help your students plan for their appointment

Students make their own appointments online- any time, anywhere up to four weeks in advance

You set the hours of operation as well as holidays and contact information

Students receive a confirmation email as soon as they schedule. It also sends them a reminder email 24 hours prior to the appointment

If you have different advisors or departments that see students they can have their own services & staff calendars

Highlights of genbook


Highlights of Genbook

  • Cost: $39.95 per month for unlimited staff

  • No contracts to sign

  • Significant upgrades made in just the three years we’ve used it

  • Students find it easy to use

  • Web link easy to put on college pages

  • Can have individual log ins for different departments

  • Automatically sends an icalendar email to you so it will populate your Outlook calendar

  • Web-based, no software needed




  • Web-based, shouldn’t ask for SID

  • Have to coordinate Outlook and Genbook so you don’t “double book”

  • No way to advertise walk in services

  • No easy way to schedule multiple students for a group advising session

  • No way to export data

Walk in

Trying to read student handwriting can be challenging

We all love exercise- but walking back and forth from your office to the clipboard to see if anyone has signed in gets old really quick

What exactly are you here for? Half the time you can’t read it and the other half of the time they just copy whatever the person before them put down

Sometimes it can feel like you are being circled by vultures, or zombies, or something like that!

At the end of the month or end of the year then you have to go back and tally all those sign in sheets to figure out how many students you saw. You literally lose hours just to counting names!

People keep stealing the pen off the clipboard so then no one can sign in

Walk In

  • Can you read that?!

  • Pen, oh Pen- where for art thou Pen?

  • Put on your walking shoes

  • Survey Says!

  • Hungry vultures

  • One, two, three….

Getting rid of the clipboard

Walk In

Student Management

Student Lobby

Student History

Student Checkout

Student Notes

Cost: $25,000

Students check in for walk in or appointment visits with the Advising Center

The system logs the time they checked in, how long they wait and then how long they meet with an Advisor

Advisors can see the last staff member seen and the last date they were seen

Services are all customizable so you can list any services you perform in your area. All services can then be ran in reports

After meeting with a student staff can write detailed notes which are then available to any other staff member who has access to Who’s Next

Highlights of who s next

Walk In

Highlights of Who’s Next

  • Allows for detailed tracking of services and staff who see students

  • Can run reports in a matter of minutes which can have graphs added to them and downloaded

  • Data can be exported to Excel or Access

  • Departments are independent- they can have access to each other or not

  • Cuts down on student wait time and loss of staff time to checking sign in clipboards


Walk In


  • Software is not cheap- probably not possible for one department to pay for it

  • Someone needs to be able to be an administrator to manage the departments

  • Can take some practice getting used to having the program open during the day

Getting rid of the clipboard

Online NSAR


Move a lot of the in person presentation to an online format. Tailor the online format toward the type of student (Financial Aid, Running Start, Veteran, etc.) so there isn’t the information overload. In person sessions then become just about registration- demo of Degree Audit and Plan Your Schedule. Then we have more time to be hands on helping them out with actual registration and degree planning.

All new students came to walk in advising. Someone sat down with them individually and went through all the new student info then set them up with a PIN and advisor

Everyone watches a video while we assign their advisor and then they register as they finish watching the video.

In person presentation with demonstrations of how to use Degree Audit and Plan Your Schedule to actually select courses. Some class participation.

Students can choose to come in person or go online. The online classroom is in modules and there is a quiz at the end for comprehension.

Too much repetition and really long wait times. Students never really got how to register themselves.

Many didn’t really listen to the video and still had questions about how to register & find their degree

Students didn’t like being required to come to a session. Had to run 4 sessions a day three days a week.

Online and in person information is too much to cover. Trying to cover everyone which means no one really gets the info they need based on the kind of student they are.

Getting rid of the clipboard

Online NSAR

Cost: FREE!

Email Notification

Online Quiz

Receive an email every time a student completes the quiz

Created the quiz and manage responses in Google Docs

Getting rid of the clipboard

Online Videos

Cost: $299.00

Free 30 Trial

Capture Web Clicks

Turn PowerPoint into Video

Can record motion so you can walk students through how to use online systems

Quickly allows you to take presentations and turn them into video

Getting rid of the clipboard


Scientific Method











  • Can track by various periods of time (hour, day, month, year, etc.)

  • Can run by service, appointment or visit type

  • Individual users can run their own reports. Administrators can run reports for their department.

  • Easy to include graphs or download directly into Excel or Access

How was nsar


How was NSAR?

  • Ask students for feedback about their experience in person or online

  • Look for trends in information they didn’t understand

  • Specifically ask for suggestions on how to make the experience even better

  • Ask about materials we give them- are they useful?

Getting rid of the clipboard


  • Ability to track who you are seeing

  • Ability to track what services they need

  • Ability to look for spikes or trends over time

  • Ability to see when new services are needed

  • Ability to adjust your service hours

  • Ability to alter the format of service

  • Ability to quantify what you do

  • No more long term evening advising

  • Reduction in on campus NSAR sessions

  • Walk In Wednesdays

  • Transfer Workshops & FYE 101

  • Tweaks to NSAR presentation & handouts

Anne molenda
Anne Molenda

South Puget Sound Community College