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David Muench

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David Muench. By Kellen Friedrich. David Muench’s Life. He was born June 25, 1936 in Santa Barbara, California. He went to Rochester Institute of Technology, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the Art Center School of Design. David Muench’s Photography.

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David Muench

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david muench

David Muench

By Kellen Friedrich

david muench s life
David Muench’s Life
  • He was born June 25, 1936 in Santa Barbara, California.
  • He went to Rochester Institute of Technology, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the Art Center School of Design.
david muench s photography
David Muench’s Photography
  • His work has been put in many museums and galleries including: Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Mountain Light Gallery, a shared exhibit was put in the Phoenix Art Museum, Center for Creative Photography, Museum of Northern Arizona, Jefferson Expansion Memorial, and also in many private collections.
david muench s style
David Muench’s Style
  • David Muench is known for landscape photography.
  • Landscape photography is about capturing nature in it’s natural state. It’s about capturing the mood of a place, and showing the real feeling of nature when there’s no one there to disturb it.
david muench s inspiration
David Muench’s Inspiration
  • David Muench got most of his inspiration from nature itself. He was inspired by the beauty of the world and wilderness. However his dad also had some inspiration for him; his dad was also a photographer.
david muench fun fact
David Muench Fun Fact
  • He has also published over 50 exhibit format books!
david muench photograph
David Muench Photograph
  • Title: Tupelo Sunrise
  • Location: Horseshoe Lake, Illinois.
  • Lighting: natural/behind.
  • Main subject: the trees, because the way the light is hitting them makes them “pop” in the photo.
  • The lighting in this picture helps make it striking because it bounces off the trees and creates a reflection in the water. It creates a mystical feel.
  • He’s trying to capture the essence of nature, and how calm and peaceful it is when you really just look at it the way it is.
  • I selected this because I love the colors, and the way the trees are silhouetted against the sun in the background.
david muench photograph1
David Muench Photograph
  • Title: Glacier National Park.
  • Location: Glacier National Park.
  • Year: 2005.
  • Lighting: natural/coming from above.
  • Main subject: the lake because it is centered in the middle of the photograph and it’s color is a bright blue, different from the rest of the colors in the photo, so it pops.
  • The way he surrounds the lake with darker forest colors, accentuates the bright blue of the lake and the sky. Also, the texture in from the surrounding trees and the clouds in the sky really make the picture come alive.
  • Once again, he’s trying to really capture nature in its purest form.
  • I actually picked this photograph because the lake is one of my favorite colors, and I really like traveling to places like this.
david muench photograph2
David Muench Photograph
  • Title: Assembly Hall Peak.
  • Location: Utah.
  • Lighting: natural/from the left.
  • Main subject: the mountain, because not only is all of the light hitting the mountain, the mountain is also reflected in the lake.
  • He uses rule of thirds and puts the mountain in the top right hand section of the photo. He also uses the light hitting the mountain and the mountain’s texture to make it stand out as the focus of the photo.
  • David Muench is once again simply capturing nature in its peaceful state.
  • I chose this photo because I like all of the colors and the reflections in the water. It makes me feel happy.
david muench photograph3
David Muench Photograph
  • Title: Crowfoot Glacier.
  • Location: Alberta.
  • Lighting: natural/ coming from above.
  • Main subject: the mountains because they are centered in the middle third of the photo, to make them stand out as the center point.
  • He uses the rule of thirds by putting the mountains in the middle third to make them pop, and uses the trees in the foreground and sky at the top to make the middle stand out even more as the focus.
  • He is once again capturing nature and I chose this photograph because it reminds me of when I go winter camping.
david muench photograph4
David Muench Photograph
  • Title: Balanced Rocks.
  • Location: Arches National Park.
  • Lighting: natural/ coming from right side.
  • Main subject: the rocks in the center of the photo, because the light is hitting them the most, they have the most color out of everything in the photograph, and the are located at the center of the photo, therefore they are the biggest object in the picture.
  • He uses the rule of thirds(placing the rocks in the middle third), lighting, and the texture of the rocks to make them pop as the main focus of the photo.
  • He is once again capturing nature on its own with nothing disturbing it, and I picked this photograph because I love the colors and the lighting, and the feeling the picture gives to its viewers.
  • www.muenchphotography.com
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Muench