Our school and the region we live in
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Our school and the region we live in. Where do we live?. Kije is a village and administrative district in Pińczów County , Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in south-central Poland. Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It is one of 16 voivodeships (provinces). It is situated in

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Our school and the region we live in
Our school and the region we live in

Where do we live
Where do we live?

Kijeis a village and administrative district

in Pińczów County, Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

in south-central Poland

Wi tokrzyskie voivodeship
Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship

It is one of 16 voivodeships

(provinces). It is situated in

south-central Poland and

takes its name from the

Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross)

mountain range.

The wi tokrzyskie mountains
The Świętokrzyskie Mountains

They are the oldest and the

lowest mountains in Poland,

characterised by unique

geological features to be

found nowhere else in Europe.

The highest peaks in the wi tokrzyskie mountains
The highest peaks in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

Mount Łysa Góra (595 metres above sea level) with a former Benedictine monastery.

Mount Łysica (612 m

above sea level)

The legend says that
The legend says that …

… witches headed

to their Sabbaths on

Mount Łysa Góra

riding broomsticks

or carts pulled by


Our school and the region we live in
Now …

Świętokrzyska Witch (Baba Yaga), is flying on a broom and wearing black and red striped folk costume of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, and is an unofficial symbol of Kielce region

City kielce
City Kielce

Kielce is the capital and the largest city in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

There are 204,891 inhabitants. The city is located in themiddle of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains

(Holy Cross Mountains).

Pearls of kielce
Pearls of Kielce

…is an art museum located in 17th century Palace of Cracov Bishops,

National Museum in Kielce…

Pearls of kielce1
Pearls of Kielce

… is particularly famous for its age-old history and artistic craftsmanship.

The Cathedral Basilica…

Pearls of kielce2
Pearls of Kielce

Karczówka is a picturesque hill in western Kielce. On the top of the hill there is a beautiful monastery from 17th century and a nature reserve.

Pearls of kielce3
Pearls of Kielce

Kadzielnia is

a nature


situated in the

southern part

of the city.

There is an


Our village
Our Village

Kije is a village

situated in north-west

part of Świętokrzyskie


Landscape park s
Landscape Parks

The gmina contains parts of the protected areas:

Nida Landscape Park

Szaniec Landscape Park.

Our school and the region we live in

In the summer season you can use narrow-gaugerailway „Ekspress Ponidzie” travelling on route Jędrzejów – Pińczów

Signs of the past
Signs of the past

Fara church in Kije from the XIIth century.399)

Lower secondary school in kije
Lower Secondary School in Kije

In our school there are 134 students and 19 teachers.

In the same building there is also Primary School.

Language lab
Language Lab

We like our classroom

Everyday school life
Everyday school life

Apart from traditional subject lessons…

Everyday school life1
Everyday school life

… studnets learn by actor’s activities

Everyday school life2
Everyday school life

There are also lots of

different kinds of affairs

in our school.

Everyday school life3
Everyday school life

Every student in first

class pledge to learn

willingly and be a good student.

Everyday school life4
Everyday school life

Students often take part in excursions and hiking.

Everyday school life5
Everyday school life

They can get a motorbike driving licence.

Everyday school life6
Everyday school life

Actor’s club

„Without Curtains”

prepare plays on

different occasions.

Everyday school life7
Everyday school life

There’s also

„Dance Club” in our

school. Students

prepare show

that add


to many


Everyday school life8
Everyday school life

Every year,

on Dec. 6th

Santa Claus

comes to

visit us.

Everyday school life9
Everyday school life

Sport plays an important

part in school live.

Our students get lots of prizes in sport competitions.

Everyday school life10
Everyday school life

Fun and games are important part of students’ life

Educational system in poland
Educational system in Poland

  • The compulsory Education in Poland starts at the age of five or six for the 0 class of kindergarten (Polish przedszkole) and six to seven years in the 1st class of primary school (Polishszkoła podstawowa). They stay there until they are twelve.

  • Next they go to lower secondary school (Polish Gimnazjum) for 3 years. It is obligatory. After Gimnazjum students have final exams and if they get good notes they can choose better secondary school.

Educational system in poland1
Educational system in Poland

In Poland we have different types of secondary school:

  • grammar schools

  • technical colleges

    Both end with a maturity examination (matura)

  • vocational schools

    After finishing secondary education, young people may

    go touniversity or start a job.

    Universities offer two types of studies:

  • undergraduate – students get a Bachelor’s Degree

  • postgraduate – a Master’s Degree.