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employee management software

"ERP Student Information Software - A.T.S.I is an ERP enabled educational solution that has been designed and developed by XIPHIAS Software Technology (p) Ltd.<br><br>A.T.S.I. aims to help students, teachers, parents and the school administrative staff to use school data in a more organized and structured manner. <br><br>The human resource software is a vital part of any institution, as it stores all necessary information of the employee.<br><br>A.T.S.I. as a Student Management Software is one such tool that has eased the way schools contacted parents and students."<br>

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employee management software

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  1. employee management software

  2. employee management software  The employee group action management system could be a module that is primarily accustomed record their daily group activities. It may be integrated with any open-end credit that instantly records the presence and updates it within the group action system. altogether establishments, the earnings of associate degree worker is generated on the rear of the group action and therefore it's a necessity to possess package to record and store all data.

  3. employee management software  Keeping track of the performance of associate degree worker is of utmost importance to any organization. The performance management package helps the establishment record employee performance details and analyzes their performance over an amount of your time. Every year, workers have some targets or necessities to satisfy, of these criteria are entered and may be accessed and browse.

  4. employee management software  Advantages of Employee Management Software  Support for Collective Consequences.  Data Transparency.  Regular Feedback.  Management Interference Simplification. For more details visit here : leave management software

  5. Contact us  We are also providing some different software as shown below : school fee management software college management software school management system india leave management software face recognition attendance system Address:      XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, 8th Floor, B.M.T.C / T.T.M.C Building, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095.

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