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Medical Tourism in Gurgaon by HealthConnection PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Tourism in Gurgaon by HealthConnection

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Medical Tourism in Gurgaon by HealthConnection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HealthConnection provides Medical Assistance in India, Medical Awareness in Noida, Medical Concierge in Delhi India, Medical Tourism in Gurgaon, Critical Healthcare in Delhi NCR and Medical Treatment in Delhi NCR. \nContact Us: 7488708501, 9860059715. \nFor more information visit here:\n

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medical tourism in gurgaon by healthconnection

Medical Tourism in Gurgaon by HealthConnection

International medical tourism in India is seeing a boom in patients from USA, Kazakhstan,

Afghanistan, Africa and Sudan etc. One of the popular medical treatment facilities available

in India is Fibroid Uterus. Medical Tourism in Gurgaon facilitator from all worlds have

recognized India as one of the best health consulting stop when it comes to Fibroid Uterus.

Fibroid is a very common tumour of uterus if we talk about woman of thirty to forty years

age incidence of fibroid is 20%-30%. Size of Fibroid may vary from size of a pin to size of a

basketball and it may appear at different-different location, it may be present inside the

wall of Uterus or it may be present near the outer wall of the uterus, it may be present near

the inner wall of the uterus. So what are the symptoms fibroid Uterus: Most of the woman

experience mensuration irregularities mean heavy mensuration periods, frequent periods or

pain during periods. Sometimes they experience pain or burning sensation during urination

or even have to face the problem of infertility. So what are the treatments modules

available for the fibroid Uterus? Not every fibroid require treatment or surgery.

If the fibroid is less than 4cm in size and without any symptoms present, patient with such

fibroid don’t require any treatment. If the fibroid is greater than 4cm in size and the patient

is having symptoms as I mentioned in the article earlier then the patient have to get the

fibroid removed, different-different options are available for treatment of fibroid, First is by

medicine that the patient has to take for three to six month which helps in reducing the size

of the fibroid secondly there are injections also

of the fibroid. Secondly there are injections also available in the market which reduces the

blood supply to fibroid thus reducing in the size of the fibroid. And lastly the option of

surgery is also available where the patient can either remove the fibroid or remove the

Uterus as a whole.

Different options are available for hysterectomy either the doctor can remove it

abdominally, vaginally or laparoscopically , laparoscopy is a newer technique in which the

patient experience lesser pain as well as the stay at hospital is very less and also the

recovery from the surgery is faster compared to surgery from older methods. Nowadays

patient as well as doctor from the entire world prefer laparoscopic surgery for fibroid


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