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Combine Elite Security with Practical Simplicity PowerPoint Presentation
Combine Elite Security with Practical Simplicity

Combine Elite Security with Practical Simplicity

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  1. Combine Elite Security with Practical Simplicity B2B Ecommerce Simplified

  2. Safety and access control is a very important issue for anyone who is managing a commercial or public space. For places like pharmacies and airports, high-security facilities are a must. If you are also looking for door locks for your new home or you want to swap your old lock for a latest and more secure lock, then you must have complete information about various types of locks available. Choosing a right type of lock is one of the primary keys to keep your home or office or any other commercial establishment safe and secure.

  3. Keyless locks are also called smart locks which have many latest features like voice recognition, Bluetooth, real-time notifications, movement sensor, etc. They offer a very high level of safety and security, and you can keep a check on this type of locking system even if you are away from home.

  4. Different Kinds of Door Locks • Padlocks: These are the most common types of door locks. They are freestanding and easy to identify in a lock line-up. The two categories of padlocks are combination and key-based. • Deadbolts: They cannot be opened unless a key is used to rotate the lock cylinder to the open position. These type of locks are also called cylinder door locks. • Knob locks: These type of locks are commonly used on the interior doors of homes, offices, shops, and other spaces. • Lever handle locks: These locks have a lever that serves as the rotatable turn knob on the one side and key cylinder on the other.

  5. Door locks keep your premises and valuables safe and secure. They are simple to use, install, and operate. You can choose keyless or keyed locks depending on your budget and purpose. If you want to lock interior doors then go ahead with knob doors and if you want to lock exterior doors then go ahead with deadbolts and padlocks.

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