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ID8 TEAM 2012. Caroline Amaba Ryan Gavin Mike Hegadorn. Greg McLeod John Scire Nirmal Rajan. INTRO. I D8 M arketing A nd S ales T ool IMAST ID8 Systems used third-party, open-source software to manage customers

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Presentation Transcript
Id8 team 2012

  • Caroline Amaba

  • Ryan Gavin

  • Mike Hegadorn

  • Greg McLeod

  • John Scire

  • Nirmal Rajan


  • ID8 Marketing And Sales Tool


  • ID8 Systems used third-party, open-source software to manage customers

  • IMAST is a custom set of tools that works in conjunction with ID8 systems

  • Better organization and management within the company; no need for third-party software

  • Four major modules: Blog management, Pipeline management, Customer management, and Email-newsletter management


  • Pipeline - ID8's way of visualizing Leads and Opportunities as to what stage of the sales process they're in

  • Lead - A potential customer who has interest in ID8

  • Opportunity - A customer who is going through the sales stages of ID8's marketing plan (the Pipeline).

  • Marketing Administrator (MA) - An ID8 employee that has access to all modules except user management

  • System Administrator (SA) - All MA permissions + User Management access

  • Blogger - An ID8 employee that has access to only the Blog Management module

Blog management

  • Allows ID8 marketing representatives to post valuable sales information and create marketing presence.

  • Posts in rich-text format including images

  • Support for dynamic tabular data

    • Populate a table by pulling related info from a database

  • Open commenting with admin approval system

  • Extra administration features for controlling content

Pipeline management

  • Tracks potential leads to streamline sales.

  • Simple single page solution

  • Create and manage leads

  • Move leads through the pipeline

  • Screenshot

Customer management

  • Allows the administrator to keep track of all the customers.

  • Ability to see all the accounts

  • Defining a Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Custom Reports for Account Activity

Email newsletter management

  • Ability to send newsletters to customers, interested clients

  • Subscribe Users and Others

  • Includes 1x1 pixel to gather newsletter statistics

    • Newsletters opened, links clicked, etc.

User management

  • Users are directly related to IMAST system

    • Marketing Admins, Bloggers, Super Admins

  • Addition of Users

    • Username, Password, Confirm Password

  • Deletion of Users

    • List and Choose to Delete

  • Only done by Super Administrators


  • SSL/TLS encrypted sessions between browser and server

  • Protection against SQL Injection Attacks

  • Passwords are hashed (a.k.a., encrypted) before being stored in the database

    • Hash is salted with random number to discourage rainbow table attacks