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How to extend your student visa – part 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to extend your student visa – part 2

How to extend your student visa – part 2

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How to extend your student visa – part 2

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  1. How to extend your student visa – part 2 International Student Advisory Service (ISAS)

  2. A few Rules • Please switch off your mobile phones • Please do not talk during the presentation • We cannot answer your questions today. You can email us:

  3. Aim of the workshop • By the end of this presentation you should have completed most of the visa application form. • You will know the ISAS process for checking and sending your documents

  4. Workshop 2 overview • ISAS resources • The visa process • How ISAS can support you • How to fill in the form.

  5. ISAS resources Webpage for EISU students • From the 3rd August 2011 we will have a webpage for EISU students: • • Check this for up to date information on information important to your visa application • Interlink • Register with Interlink – this is an email messaging service run by ISAS. • We will use this to inform you of any important news and events. • To register follow the instructions on the ISAS webpage: •

  6. The visa process – 2 options • A postal application is likely to take around 12 -14 weeks. This costs £386. • A Premium application costs £702, approximately 2 weeks for your visa.

  7. Postal Application - £386 • 1. You follow all ISAS instructions and submit a completed application to ISAS. • 2. ISAS post your application to the UKBA. • 3. The UKBA will write to you, they will ask you to book a biometric appointment-you have 10 days to book the appointment • 4. In the appointment you are asked for your fingerprints and photographed.

  8. Postal Application • 5. In the next weeks/months the UKBA consider your application. • 6. The UKBA send all your documents and new visa to ISAS • 7. ISAS contact you straight away and ask you to collect your documents and visa. • When the University send your application, this is called the ‘Batch Scheme’ • We need you to pay using ‘Postal Orders’ – this is the only payment method accepted

  9. Postal Orders • This is issued by the Post Office. • The maximum amount for one postal order is £250, so for visa fee of £386 you will be given 2 postal orders: 1x £250 and 1x £136 • You will need to pay the Post Office – they charge a commission of around £20 • Ask for your postal order to be ‘made payable to the Home Office’. • You will have to pay the Post Office with cash • Local Post Offices:8 Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak. B29 6HX. City Centre: 131 Corporation street, B4 6PH

  10. Option 2:Premium application - £702 • 1. You contact the UKBA to book an appointment to submit your application (this must be before your visa expires). • 2. You attend the appointment with your completed application and documents. The UKBA take your finger prints and photo. • 3. The UKBA make a decision on your visa application. • 4. Your new visa will be sent to you on the post. It can take approximately 2 weeks get your new visa.

  11. Premium Application • To book a Premium application contact: • Call 0870 606 7766 or book online • You should do this early as appointments are likely to fill up quickly. • You still need to fill in the visa form and provide the same documents • ISAS can still check your documents • You need to book the appointment with the UKBA yourself. ISAS will not do this.

  12. New immigration rules, if you apply from the 4th July. • Only applies to those who have the following nationality: Argentina,Australia,Brunei,Canada, Chile,Croatia, Hong Kong,Japan,New Zealand, Singapore,South Korea,Taiwan (those who hold a passport issued by Taiwan that includes the number of the identification card issued by the competent authority in Taiwan in it),Trinidad and Tobago,United States of America or is a British National Overseas

  13. New immigration rules, if you apply from the 4th July. • The UKBA have said that students from the above countries, will not need to send the following: financial evidence or academic qualification. • However they must have these evidence. For example they must have the money as required e.g. 19th August to 16th September 2011. After you send your application they could ask you to send this financial evidence. • If you want ISAS to send your application for you then you MUST provide all of this evidence.

  14. Support from ISAS • ISAS will be sending fully completed visa applications in early October. • We want you to prepare all the documents you can now. • This means that we can check your application early. If there is something wrong or missing, you will have enough time to get documents. • We don’t want you to be trying to get your visa application done at the start of your next course, when you will be very busy already! • Right now you should be able to get all the documents for your visa application, apart from the CAS and valid bank statement.

  15. The ISAS checking system – an overview of the 3 stages • Stage 1- First Check • 2.30 - 4pm Wednesday 31st August 2011: Document drop off to ISAS (not all documents will be ready e.g. bank statement) • 2.30 – 4pm Wednesday 7th September You must collect your documents and feedback: • Stage 2 – Final Submission • 26th/28th Sept 2011 - If you want ISAS to send your application you must submit your completed application with all original documents Stage 3 – Check if your application has been accepted by ISAS • 7th Oct 2011 - Our website will tell you if your final application has been accepted by ISAS.

  16. Stage 1 – First Check • On Wednesday 31st August 2011 between 2.30pm - 4pm, we will have a document drop off at ISAS reception. • We will take a week to check all the applications and documents. We will prepare written feedback for you. • In the feedback, if your documents do not meet the requirements, we will tell you why. • You need to collect your application form and feedback from ISAS reception. • You must collect your documents and feedback on Wednesday 7th September between 2.30pm - 4pm.

  17. Stage 1 – First Check • For the drop off on the 31st August you need to do the following: • 1. Fill in the yellow details sheet • 2. Tick off your documents on the blue checklist • 3. Although you will need original documents for your visa application. At this stage, we want you to provide photocopies to ISAS. • 4. The only original documents we want is the photos and academic qualification (please also provide a photocopies of both) • 5. Give your completed application form. We only expect the following to be blank - J1, J2, K1, and L2.

  18. Stage 1 – First Check: Where do I go? • ISAS is in the Aston Webb Building (R6 on your University map) • Take the first left at the main Aston Webb reception • Go up the first flight of stairs on your right • Go up to the next floor • Go right when you get off the stairs • Keep walking to the end of the corridor and through the double doors • Please note our receptionists will just be taking documents from you, they cannot answer any questions • If you have any questions email ISAS today. Remember to leave yourself enough time – we are only taking documents 2.30-4pm on Wednesday 31st August 2011

  19. Stage 2: Final Submission: Preparation • From the 19th September 2011, CAS will start to be issued. Use this to complete the CAS questions. • You should have bank statements from the 19th August to 16th September, or a scholarship letter. • If you want any payments for tuition fees or university accommodation to be considered in your visa application –pay these before the 26th September. • You should have followed our previous advice and have a perfect and complete application!

  20. Stage 2: Final Submission • If you want ISAS to send your application, you need to submit your completed application, and all supporting documents on one of the following dates to ISAS reception: • Monday 26th September 12 - 4pm or • Wednesday 28th September 1 – 4pm • Remember to include your Postal Order payment for the Home Office • You do not need an envelope • We will check your application and supporting documents

  21. Stage 3: Check if your application has been accepted • After 5pm on the 7th October, check the ISAS webpage below: • If your student ID is listed on the website, this means ISAS cannot send your application. There is something wrong with your document(s). You need to collect your application and feedback on Monday 10th October, and send your application yourself. • If your student ID is not on the website, this means ISAS is sending your application. Everything is fine. • We are only putting on ID numbers no names. • Remember your visa application is your responsibility.

  22. ISAS deadlines • You must be on time. The deadlines have been agreed with EISU. • If you are not on time, we will not accept your documents late. • We will not accept excuses such as: • “I couldn’t find the room” • “I got lost” • “I got confused about the time” • “I thought it was later” • “I am only 5 minutes late” • Crying / shouting

  23. 2. The Form • The UKBA update the form several times a year. Usually at least one update in the summer. • This means they may make a very small change to the form, and you would need to fill in the new form • They do not normally tell universities in advance • Today we will complete the current form. • This means that if the form is changed, you will be able to use the form you do today, to fill in any new form. • Check the ISAS website on the 21st September, to check if you have the most current form. If there is a new form, and it has new questions, our website will tell you how to fill these in.

  24. 2. The Form • Black ink only – UKBA will not accept any other colour. • If you do not have the form you will need to write down the advice we give. • CAPITAL LETTERS • You can write outside of the box if you do not have enough space • All the pages of the form must be sent, even if you do not have to fill them in • Ticks for questions, not x’s • Page 18 - H2: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston. Birmingham B15 2TT • Page 18 - H3: T7N18X2X1

  25. The Form – when you get your CAS • J1, J2 & K1: copy exactly as shown on CAS. You can write outside the box if you run out of space. • K3: Check the document listed on your CAS – you must have this. • L1 – the tuition fees charged by the University • L2 – the amount of tuition fees you have paid before you send your application. If you have not paid any write 0.00 • If you have an official financial sponsor and don’t know if they have paid the fees • When you get your CAS, after the 19th September remember to fill in these questions.

  26. How to have a stress free visa application • Use the ISAS slides to prepare your documents • Be prepared. You should be making plans now for your visa application • Put the dates for document drop off in your diary now • If you are not sure of the questions, please use sticky notes on the form and we will check them • If you have a question about your document, email ISAS today. • Bring all your documents, we know your bank statement and CAS will not be ready • If you think a document might not meet the requirements, get a new document that does -do not risk it! • If you are unsure about the bank statement requirements, then you can include a sample bank statement with the documents you drop off on the 31st August.