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  1. Metacognition By: Keri Willis Herricks TEAM Spring ‘08

  2. What is metacognition? Metacognition is the act of thinking about thinking. Why is metacognition important? It is an asset for everyone to know how they learn the best.

  3. 3 Stages of Metacognition • Planning • Monitoring • Evaluating

  4. What is Self Regulation? Self Regulation is when you are aware of your strengths & weaknesses; what you know & what you don’t know. Why is Self Regulation important? It is important because it enables you to know what you need to spend more time on, or less time on.

  5. The Self-Regulation Processes • Forethought Phase • Performance Phase • Self-reflection Phase

  6. What is rote memorization? Rote memorization is the basic function of memory, where the student is given specific information and asked to remember it in a specific way or order.

  7. How do you learn best? • In 1983 Dr. Howard Gardner, of Harvard University, developed his theory of multiple intelligences. • He believed that no two people learned the same way. • He proposed the following eight different intelligences.

  8. Targeting an Intelligence • When writing a lesson plan, most teachers teach to the majority of their students. • The downside to this that not everyone learns in the same way.

  9. My Views on Metacognition & Memory When teaching it is imperative that I know who my students really are. When giving an assignment it is important for me to address as many intelligences as possible.

  10. My Views on Metacognition & Memory Since not everyone remembers things the same way, it is imperative for a teacher to come up with as many “tricks” as they can to help their students. Songs, mnemonic devices, songs, diagrams, games, acronyms and analogies are some examples.