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this could be the day that changes your life n.
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This Could Be The Day That Changes Your Life! PowerPoint Presentation
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This Could Be The Day That Changes Your Life!

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This Could Be The Day That Changes Your Life!
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This Could Be The Day That Changes Your Life!

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  1. This Could Be The Day That Changes Your Life! What I am about to share with you has the ability to change you & your family’s life as you have known it. Whether you are living pay check to pay check or life is the best it has ever been, it can be a lot better.

  2. Would’a, Should’a, Could’a • Most of us would like to have gotten in at the beginning of: • Apple • eBay • McDonald’s • Microsoft • Amazon • Costco • Sam’s Wholesale Club And the list goes on and on. We didn’t, that’s the past, but there is a new opportunity that you can get in on and you won’t have to say Would’a, Should’a, Could’a ever again!

  3. People Are Looking For Some Good News • People like the: • Single Mother who is working two jobs • People who are thinking more about their health & what they eat • People who want to get out of debt, but don’t see a way out • The person trying to pay off their college loans • People looking for a way to reduce their income tax burden • Parents who are trying to get their kids to eat better • The person who hates their job • The person who wants to help protect the environment • The person who needs a little more money each month to make it • The person that wants to own their own business and take control of their lives • The Mother who wants to stay home and raise her children • The person who has a great paying job but they don’t have any time left to enjoy their life and their family

  4. Here is some Good News! • Vollara’s “I Feel Great” Wholesale Health, Wellness, Green Technology Membership Club and Online Business Opportunity! Here are the basic details: • Wholesale Memberships are FREE. • No Start-Up purchases required. • Members don’t sell products. • Members simply share information with friends & family. • It works like any Referral program, i.e. DirecTV, Marriott, Amazon, etc. There are Benefits for sharing information. • All purchases are done online. • No monthly required purchases for Wholesale Customers • Members save 15% - 55% off retail on the very best Health, Wellness, and Green Technology products. • Members can participate in the optional Business Opportunity if they are interested in earning some extra money or interested in making a career change by owning their own business.

  5. Most Major League Baseball Teams • Have become Wholesale Members • Why • Because they need to make sure their million dollar players get Fruits & Vegetables every day to maintain good health and through their own research they found Vollara’s Fruit & Vegetable supplement Re:Fuel is the best. • Because they need their million dollar players to stay hydrated and they found that Vollara’s Alkaline LivingWater unit is the very best. • Because they need their million dollar players to breath pure clean air in the locker room and club house and through their own test they found that Vollara’s air purifier was the best. You and your family are as important as million dollar baseball players. You can have these products and more to build a Wholesale Membership Club online business.

  6. How would you answer these questions? 1. Do you ever think about or are you ever concerned about the food you and your family eat? 2. Do you ever think that you and your family need to eat more fruits and vegetables? 3. Do you ever find yourself feeling sluggish, out of energy, or fatigued, especially in the afternoon? • If there was an easy, simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to get your Fruits and Vegetables plus have all day energy every single day would that be of interest to you? We surveyed over 300 people across North America and 90% answered YES to all 4 questions!

  7. If you answered YES to at least one of the Questions, then: • Consider getting a FREE Wholesale Customer Membership • Start experiencing the products with the “I Feel Great” Fruit & Vegetable program. • This is an easy and inexpensive way to check us out. • 90% of Americans say they and their family need to consistently eat more Fruits & Vegetables and they are looking for an easy way to make it happen. • The “I Feel Great” program is a simple way to make it happen because it is affordable and has the best Whole Food Fruit & Vegetable supplement in the world. • With the “I Feel Great” program you can know that your family is getting good nutrition every day. • If you answered yes to at least one of the Questions, then get with the person who shared this Good News with you and they will answer your questions and tell you what they decided to do.

  8. Education • Attend a Discovery Event • Learn about all the Nutrition & Green Technology products you can buy at Wholesale as a Vollara Member. • You cannot buy any products nor will there be any selling at this Event. Leave your money and credit cards at home. • This is a safe and fun environment to learn about your Vollara Wholesale Membership. • Discovery is an event to educate you on the privileges you have as a Member. • Discovery is our gift to you!!

  9. If You Like The Product • Vollara has a great Referral program where you can: • Earn Free products, an extra few hundred dollars each month or a few thousand dollars per month part time from your home. Here are 4 examples of how the Program WORKS. • Refer 3 and Free Plan: You Refer 3 “I Feel Great” Wholesale Customers and your personal “I Feel Great” products are FREE. • 5 x 3 Plan*: You Refer 5 who also Refer 5 each, who Refer 5 each, and you make $1,000 to $1,500+ per month PLUS you save $3,000-$6,000 in personal income taxes. (5 x 5 = 25 x 5 = 125 for a total of 155 Members) • 7 x 3 Plan*: You Refer 7 who also Refer 7 each, who Refer 7 each, and you make $2,700 to $3,500+ per month PLUS you get a FREE Car and an all expense paid vacation AND you get the personal income tax savings. (7 x 7 = 49 x 7 = 343 for a total of 399 Members) • 10 x 3 Plan*: You Refer 10 who also Refer 10 each, who Refer 10 each, and you make $7,500 to $10,000+ per month PLUS you get a FREE Car and an all expense paid vacation and you get the personal income tax savings. (10 x 10 = 100 x 10 = 1,000 for a total of 1,110 Members) *In these examples each person only has to do 2 things; #1 - Buy a minimum of one 40 PV product ($50) each month and #2 - Refer only 5 or 7 or 10 who do these 2 things also. You are not limited to 5 or 7 or 10. These projected incomes are based on everyone buying only 1 product, i.e. IFG program. There are many to choose from.

  10. How Do I Earn Money? • Share Vollara’s information using any of the many Sharing Tools available to you free of charge. • Conduct or attend or support Weekly Discovery Events. 3. Be consistent, follow THE PROCESS, and give the System TIME to work.

  11. It’s A New Day • We are now living in the Information Age • The Internet and buying online has changed everything. • It has opened doors of opportunity that we never imagined a few years ago. Anyone can participate! • Everyday people all around the world are starting their own online business and earning more money than they ever imagined. • You have just heard about a way to participate in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. What are you going to do with this information? Are you going to be saying Would’aShould’aCould’a in a few years or are you going to be Happy-Happy-Happy? • Vollara is providing a way for the average person to get in on this growing industry without costing you a lot of time or money or interfering with your current job. • And here is the best thing. This is a win – win business for everyone. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to lose!

  12. Your Next Step The Person who shared this information with you did so because they care about you. They are not trying to sell you anything! Friends share Good News with friends. Take the time to get together so you can get all the details, then what you do with the information is totally up to you and we’ll still be friends.