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The States, Mountains, and Rivers PowerPoint Presentation
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The States, Mountains, and Rivers

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The States, Mountains, and Rivers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The States, Mountains, and Rivers
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  1. The States, Mountains, and Rivers Cover Page by Allie Reisman

  2. Northeast States This region includes Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

  3. Connecticut State Capital: Hartford Region: Southern New England Two Important Places: Gillete Castle State Park Yale University By Sydney Meyer

  4. Massachusetts Cranberries • Capital: Boston • Region: Southern New England Two Most Important Things: • This state was one of the original 13 colonies. • Almost half the cranberries grown in the United States are grown here. Michaela Myers

  5. Rhode Island Capital- Providence Region- Southern New England Two places you should visit in Rhode Island: Newport and Block Island By Krista Bauer

  6. Maine State capital is Augusta. This state is in the Northern New England region. Two great things to see here are Mount Katahdin and Acadia National Park. By: Louis Moore

  7. New Hampshire • The state capital is Concord. • The region it is located is Northern North England. • A place to visit is Dartmouth College. • Another place to visit is White Mountain National Park. Map of Hew Hampshire By Allie Reisman observatory

  8. Vermont By Trenton Brogan Map of Vermont • The capital of Vermont is Montpellier. It is located in the region known as the Northern New England Region. • One place to go if you visit there is Mount Mansfield . • Another place to visit is the White Mountains. The White Mountains Fall in Vermont

  9. Indian Woman Cooking New Jersey Capital: Trenton Region: Upper Atlantic Two Most Important Things: Its great beaches are its second largest industry. Waterloo Village, a peek into the past is located in it. Abigail Sallee A Beach

  10. Two most important things about this state: • Niagara Falls • Statue of Liberty New York State Capital: Albany Region: Northern New England By Emma S.

  11. Delaware • Capital: Dover • Region: Mid-Atlantic Region: Mid-Atlantic By: Landyn Mann Historical building in New Castle which is a city in Delaware

  12. Maryland By: Rileigh Dickson • Capital: Annapolis • Region: Mid- Atlantic Two Important Facts: Fort McHenry National Monument U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Naval Academy Francis Scott Key watches Fort McHenry

  13. Pennsylvania Two Important Places: Capital: Harrisburg Region: Mid-Atlantic Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell Hershey’s World of Chocolate By Sydney Meyer

  14. Southeast States • The southeast region of the United States includes the states of: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennesse, Arkansas, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

  15. Virginia Capital: Richmond Region: Atlantic Trivia Fact George Washington lived in Mt. Vernon Dylan Cain

  16. West Virginia State Capital: Charleston Region: Atlantic Trivia Fact West Virginia’s state tree is the sugar maple, the state bird is the cardinal, and the state flower is the rhododendron. Region: Atlantic The cardinal, rhododendron, and sugar maple. By: Emma T.

  17. North Carolina Capital: Raleigh Region: Lower Atlantic Trivia Fact Michael Jordan graduated from the University of North Carolina. Dylan Cain

  18. A Garden South Carolina Capital: Columbia Region: Lower Atlantic Two Most Important Things: Brook greens garden is located in it. The Hallelujah Singers that sings gospel music and tells stories about slaves from the earliest time Abigail Sallee

  19. Two most important things: • Kentucky Derby • Mammoth Cave Kentucky Capital: Frankfort Region: South East By: Emma S.

  20. Georgia • Capital: Atlanta • Region: Southeast Region: Southeast By: Justin Linkmeyer Stone Mountain

  21. Tennessee Capital: Nashville Region: Southwest Two Important Places: Great Smoky Mountain National Park Shiloh National Military Park By Sydney Meyer

  22. Alabama • Two most important things • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a large march for blacks. • It was the first state to call 911 • By: Kyra Hull Capital: Montgomery Region: The South

  23. Mississippi B By Jonathon Ward • The capital of Mississippi is Jackson. • Mississippi is in the region of the south. • The two most important things about this state is the Vicksburg National Park, another is Jefferson Davis home. Mississippi Jefferson Davis

  24. Florida

  25. Louisiana • Two most important things • It is famous for its Mardi Gras • 1915 New Orleans's jazz was spread through Chicago. • By: Kyra Hull Capital: Baton Rouge Region: South Central

  26. Hot Springs Arkansas Capital: Little Rock Region: South Central Two Most Important Things: It has The Ozarks located in it with Whitaker Point. It has Hot Springs National Park located in it. Abigail Sallee

  27. Midwest States • The Midwest states are made of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

  28. Illinois Capital: Springfield Region: Midwest Trivia Fact Ray Kroc established the first Mc Donald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois Dylan Cain

  29. Indiana State Capital: Indianapolis Region: Eastern Great Lakes Region: Eastern Great Lakes Trivia Fact Abraham Lincoln spent 14 years of his youth life in Indiana. By: Emma T. Abraham Lincoln

  30. Michigan • Two Most Important Things • Mackinac Bridge • Great Lakes (Huron and Michigan) State Capital: Lansing Region: Eastern Great Lakes By: Emma S.

  31. Minnesota • Two most important things • You can wade across the Mississippi River • 1674 Daniel Greysolon Seiur Duluth claimed most of Minnesota for France. • By: Kyra Hull Capital: St. Paul Region: Western Great Lakes

  32. Map of Wisconsin Wisconsin By Emily Greiwe • The state capital of Wisconsin is Madison. • Wisconsin is in the Western Great Lakes. • A place you can visit in Wisconsin is Apostle Islands National Lake Shore. • Wisconsin is also known for their cheese. Wisconsin is known for their cheese Apostle Islands

  33. Ohio • Capital: Columbus • Region: Eastern Great Lakes Region: Eastern Great Lakes By: Landyn Mann Some buildings in Columbus which is the capital and the largest city of Ohio.

  34. Missouri By: Rileigh Dickson • State Capital: Jefferson City • Region: South Central Two Important Things : Gateway Arch Ozark Mountains Gateway Arch Ozark Mountains

  35. North Dakota State capital is Bismarck. In the Great Plains regions. One place to see is the Red River. Another place to see is the Theodore Roosevelt. By: Louis Moore

  36. South Dakota Capital- Pierre Region- Great Plains Two places you should visit in South Dakota: Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park By Krista Bauer

  37. Nebraska State capital is Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska is in the Great Plains regions. One man-made landmark to visit in Nebraska is Carhenge. One natural feature in Nebraska to visit is Chimney Rock. By Kyle Bumbala

  38. Iowa Capital: Des Moines Region: Western Great Lakes Trivia Fact Iowa is the 29th American State Dylan Cain

  39. The Southwest States The Southwest region are the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

  40. Arizona • The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. • Arizona is in the West region. • The two most important things about Arizona is the Grand Canyon and Tombstone. By Kyle Bumbala

  41. Nevada By Trenton Brogan • The capital of Nevada is Carson City. • Its location is in The West. • The Hoover Dam is in Nevada. • Also if your visiting I would go to lake Tahoe. Hoover Dam Nevada map Lake Tahoe

  42. Utah • The state capital is Salt Lake City. • Region: West • You would want to see: • The Great Salt Lake • Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon Emily Eberhardt

  43. Texas • The capital of Texas is Austin. • Texas is in the Southwest region. • The two most important things in Texas is the Alamo and Big Bend National Park. Texas Alamo Big Bend National Park By Chase Hogg

  44. Oklahoma • The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. • The two most important things about Oklahoma is Woodlark Ranch, museum and Wildlife Preserve, and the Chickasaw Recreation Area. • This states region is located in the South Central. Oklahoma By Chase Hogg Oklahoma City

  45. The West States The western states are California, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

  46. The capital is Sacramento. The region it is located in is The Pacific. A place to visit is Yosemite National Park. You would also like to go to Hollywood. California Map of California By Allie Reisman Yosemite National Park

  47. Rocky Mountains Colorado • The state capitol is Denver. • Region: The Southwest • You would want to see: • Rocky Mountain National Park • Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde National Park Emily Eberhardt

  48. New Mexico • The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe. • New Mexico is in the Southwest region. • The two most important things about New Mexico is El Camino Real and the Aztec Ruins National Monument. By Kyle Bumbala

  49. Montana • Capital: Helena • Region: The Great Plains Two Most Important Things: • You can take part in wagon trains. • Glacier National Park is located here. Glacier National Park Michaela Myers

  50. Wyoming • The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne. • The two most important things about Wyoming are the Yellowstone National Park, the other important thing is the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. • This states region is located in the Great Plains. Wyoming