the middle colonies n.
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The Middle Colonies

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The Middle Colonies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you’re stuck, come to us!. The Middle Colonies. By: Preethi Sriraman. Climate.

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The Middle Colonies

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    1. If you’re stuck, come to us! The Middle Colonies By: Preethi Sriraman

    2. Climate • Out of all of the colonies, the Middle Colonies have the best and most useful geography and climate. We have mild summers and winter; thereby making our growing season much longer. The Southern Colonies have hot summers, making it impossible to grow crops during that time. With the New England Colonies, it’s vice-versa. They cannot grow crops in the fall and winter. Because we have a year-round mild climate, it’s easy for us to grow crops for a majority of the year.

    3. Geography • The Middle Colonies are located along the Appalachian Highlands and the Atlantic Ocean. This is pretty much the only thing we have in common with the New England and Southern Colonies. Our colonies are composed of four states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.We are unique in a positive way because we have coastal lowlands, bays, and rivers. These aspects impact us in the area of trade.

    4. Natural Resources • Our colony has a multitude of natural resources, though not all of them are mentioned here. These natural resources are fertile farmlands and rivers. As mentioned before, our rivers impact us in the area of trade. Water transport is popular in the New England Colonies because they specialize in shipbuilding. The Southern Colonies have access to our products when we ship them there or through our market towns.

    5. Specializations and Human Resources • This brings us the topic of specializations. We specialize in livestock, fish, and especially grain. Our skilled workers grow our grain in surplus to give to the other colonies. Because of this, we are called the Breadbasket Colonies. This is our most prestigious title. To successfully keep up these specializations, we have the human resources. These are skilled workers, unskilled workers, and fishermen. Listed below are some jobs these people might be given. • Skilled Worker: artisan-making ceramics and cookware • Unskilled Worker: farmhand- watering plants • Fishermen: fish

    6. Trade • Southern Colonies: raw goods like tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo, and forest products • New England Colonies: manufactured goods like metal farming tools • It is obvious that our colony can function without these items. At the same time, we are modest people and we appreciate using goods from other colonies.