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heather r nacke industrial engineering manager kokomo transmission plant n.
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Heather R Nacke Industrial Engineering Manager Kokomo Transmission Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Heather R Nacke Industrial Engineering Manager Kokomo Transmission Plant

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Heather R Nacke Industrial Engineering Manager Kokomo Transmission Plant
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Heather R Nacke Industrial Engineering Manager Kokomo Transmission Plant

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  1. Heather R NackeIndustrial Engineering ManagerKokomo Transmission Plant Teacher Enrichment Program September 25, 2012 Logansport, IN

  2. My Background Grew up in Cleveland, OH Initially wanted to be a veterinarian due to love of science and math as well as love of animals; found out the amount of schooling required and reconsidered other options. As a Junior in High school, developed a love of physics and was encouraged to look into Engineering (by Mrs. Dryer). Participated in a regional exceptional math & science student event where I was exposed to Nuclear Engineering. Attended Purdue University; began in Nuclear Engineering and switched to Industrial Engineering due to the human interaction. Earned BSIE in 1991 Worked in Technical Sales (devised engineered solutions to material handling issues; i.e. conveyor systems) where I covered the West Coast and set up an office in Portland, Oregon (1991-1996) 1996 Joined Chrysler in Kokomo where I launched the new “greenfield” site called the Indiana Transmission Plant – varied assignments through 2004 Moved as an IE Supervisor to deactivate the Indianapolis Foundry then returned to ITP In February, 2009 moved to Kokomo Transmission Plant as the IE Manager

  3. Current Information Married to the same man for over 20 years We have 2 lovely daughters, Devyn (14 and a freshman at LHS) & Piper (11 and a 6th grader at All Saints School) Worked while my husband stayed at home with our girls until they were in school Active in the choir at church Active church cantor Serve at the state level for Tri Kappa – a philanthropic sorority serving charity, culture and education in the State of Indiana Sit on the executive board for the Logansport Girls Softball Group Secretary Have Master of Science degrees from Kettering University in Manufacturing Management and Operations Management

  4. Training / Skills Required Good analytical skills (problem solving) Math, spatial relationships, COMMON SENSE Theory and hypothesis Computer skills (spreadsheet, simulation, presentations) COMMUNICATION!!! People interaction skills – all levels of people: Hourly floor workers, Salary supervisors & Business Unit Leaders, Plant Manager, Exec VP on occassion Ability to ask “Dumb” questions. Specific to Industrial Engineering Time Study methodologies Motion Study methodologies Product flow understanding

  5. Class Focus for Success in IE Algebra I, II and beyond Physics Ergonomics (Human machine interactions) Communications Debate/ Persuasion Interpersonal Skills – How to work in teams Time management – ability to prioritize many projects at a time

  6. The Major Items of Work I Do… • Do the same output with less labor or do more output with the same labor Protect the plant product capacity for NEW programs and Existing programs – Basically a BIG story problem Assign all manpower to each machining and assembly line including all support manpower to each production department and the overall facility – Hourly and Salary Determine timing required for new hire training (to facilitate movement of current employees to the new programs) Look at current state of process and devise method for improvement in overall cycle time, reduction of scrap, increase in output, etc. (improve profitability)

  7. Most Useful Knowledge from School Carry Units through Equations • What machine cycle time do I require for each operation: My projections show that I need to ship 450,000 transmissions annually • There are 294 straight time days in a year, with 2 crews of manpower per day • I have 10 hours per crew minus breaks of run time • I assume 92% throughput (scrap, rework, downtime) • What is the cycle time in final assembly? Min/Unit (& Sec/Unit)

  8. Problem Solution

  9. Problem Solution

  10. Interesting Example of Success Visual Line Balancing (Story problem) How to optimize total time available to work • Achieve the same output with less direct labor • Achieve more output with the same direct labor • In some cases, achieve more output with less direct labor

  11. Team • IE Department: • Heather Nacke • Stan Kerstiens • Mary Chen • Becky Eagle • Dave Parker • Pat Pedone • Ryan Pritchett • Drew Ward • Production Control • Byron Gibson • John Day • 9110 Assembly: • Bryce Silvey • James Conley • Terry Thomson • Otis Green • Leslie Love • WCM Support: • Jerry Skomp • Russ Dick • Todd Connolly

  12. Initial Line Layout 197 JPH

  13. MODAPTS studies performed by IE to determine VA, SVA, NVAA and Unsaturation

  14. Initial Chip Chart

  15. 3M Analysis

  16. Rebalanced Line

  17. 210 JPH TL TL 18 people Seal install Kitting

  18. Removed Kitters

  19. 206 JPH TL TL 14 people Seal install Kitting

  20. Rebalanced, No Kitters

  21. 235 JPH TL TL 14 people Seal install Kitting

  22. Rebalanced, 1 Kitter

  23. 225 JPH TL TL 15 people Seal install Kitting

  24. 3M Analysis

  25. Results Visual Line Balancing (Story problem) • Initial option: 18 people making 197 JPH = 10.9/person • Rebalance Initial: 18 people making 210 JPH = 11.7/person • Remove Kitting: 14 people making 206 JPH = 14.7/person • Remove 3 Kitting: 15 people making 225 JPH = 15.0/person