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12 immortals in a palace on mount olympus n.
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12 Immortals in a Palace on Mount Olympus PowerPoint Presentation
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12 Immortals in a Palace on Mount Olympus

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12 Immortals in a Palace on Mount Olympus
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12 Immortals in a Palace on Mount Olympus

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  1. 12 Immortals in a Palace on Mount Olympus

  2. ZEUS • The supreme god of the Olympians. • The son of Cronus and Rhea. • His siblings • Poseidon • Hades • Hera • Hestia • Demeter • Zeus and his siblings started to fight to take control of the universe from Cronus -his father-)and the Titans. • Zeus won the fight and then he became the king of the universe.

  3. HERA • The goddess of marriage • She was the wife of Zeus so she is the Queen of Olympians. • She hated Heracles because he was the son of Zeus - her husband- and a mortal woman not god! While Heracles was just a baby she attacked him by sending snakes to his crib when he was sleeping. • Hera was also prayed by the throughout Greece. The most important temples were controlled by her.

  4. POSEIDON • God of sea • He is known as “earth shaker” because he has a power which is controlling earthquakes. And also in some different sources he is named as god of horses. • He is one of the supreme god of the Olympians but he spends his time with his watery zone. • He is brother of Hades and Zeus. • He married sea nymph – -Amphitrite -. • He can create different kinds of horses as he is the god of horses.

  5. Interesting Fact… When the Olympians gained control of the universe, they agreed that the earth would be ruled jointly, with Zeus as king. This led to a number of territorial disputes among the gods. Poseidon vied to be the ruler of Athens. He demonstrated his power by striking the Acropolis with his three-pronged spear, which caused a spring of salt water to emerge.* http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  6. HERMES • He was the messenger of the gods and goddesses. He transports the messages. • He also guides the dead souls to the underworld. • He is son of Zeus and he is a mountain nymph. • Hermes symbol was his wand which is covered with mixed ribbons is made of willow.

  7. Interesting Fact On his very first day of life,Hermes found the empty shell of a tortoise andperceived it to be useful as a sounding chamber.Stringing sinews across it, he created the first lyre. http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  8. ARTEMIS • She is the virgin goddess of the hunting. • She can help women to give birth to their child. However she has bow for hunting and arrow and she can bring sudden deaths with her arrows. • She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. • She is also sister to Apollo. • She is usually defined as a young woman who is wearing buckskins and carrying arrow and a bow.

  9. Interesting Fact Apollo noticed that Artemis wasspending a lot of time hunting with the giant,Orion, and he decided to put an end to therelationship. So, he challenged Artemis to proveher skill at archery by shooting at an objectfloating out at sea. Her shot was perfect. Thetarget turned out be the head of Orion. http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  10. ARES • He is the god of war as we see in the picture. • He was the son of Zeus. • He is cruel because of being in war. • As shown Ares uses a bloodstained spear and also there is a rumor which says Ares' throne was covered with human skin.

  11. Interesting Fact • Although he is an immortal deity, he was almost killed when he was defeated by Heracles in battle and then stuffed into a jar by two giants. http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  12. HEPHAESTUS • He is lame as we see in the picture. He is also the god of fire and crafts. • He is the son of Zeus and Hera. • He was born with an impairment which effects his walking so he is limped.

  13. Interesting Fact • Hephaestus accomplished many great works of craftsmanship, such as the marvelous palaces that he built for the gods on Mount Olympus. http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  14. DIONYSUS • He is god of wine. • He is the son of Zeus and the mortal heroine who is named Semele.

  15. Interesting Fact • He saved his mother from the Underworld after Zeus consumed her in lightning. http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf

  16. DEMETER • She is the goddess of agriculture. • She is the sister of Zeus and mother of Persephone. • She is shown as carriying a bundle of grain.

  17. Interesting Fact Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, was gathering flowers one day when the earth opened up and Hades, King of the Dead, emerged from the Underworld. He took Persephone and carried her off to his realm, where she became his queen. Demeter was heartbroken and wondered the earth looking for her daughter. During this time the crops withered, and it became an endless winter. Hades eventually surrendered Persephone for one half of the year the spring and summer seasons. During the other half of the year that she spends in the Underworld coincides with the barren season.

  18. APOLLO • He is the god of prohepsy, music and healing. • He is the brother of Artemis. • He is oftenshown as playing a lyre.

  19. Interesting Fact Apollo won several musical contests by playing the lyre. One time he beat Pan, who competed on his own invention – the shepherd’s pipe. On this occasion, King Midas had the bad sense to say that he preferred Pan’s music, which caused Apollo to turn his ears into those of an ass.

  20. APHRODITE • She is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. • There are lots of legends about her born; One legend states that she is the daughter of Zeus and Diane. Another legend says that she was born from seafoam. • She has no difference except for her beauty. • She is associated with the dove.

  21. Interesting Fact The Trojan Prince, Paris, wasasked to judge which of the three Olympiangoddesses -Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena)-were themost beautiful. He chose Aphrodite over Heraand Athena. These two hoped to bribe him withpower, but Aphrodite offered the love of the mostbeautiful woman in the world.

  22. ATHENA • She is the goddess of the craft, domestic art and also war. • She was the boss of Athens. • Her symbol is the owl. • She is the daughter of Zeus.

  23. Interesting Fact Both Athena and her brother,Poseidon, wanted to be the patron deity of Athens.Athena proved her worthiness for this honor bycausing an olive tree to spring up on theAcropolis. Poseidon struck the ground and causeda spring of water to gush forth. But, because hewas the god of the sea, the water was salty. TheAthenians considered Athena’s gift to be moreuseful, so she became the city’s patron deity.

  24. SOURCES • http://classroom.springisd.org/webs/crystalc/upload/greekgodsandgoddesses.pdf • Some stories about myth • googlepicture

  25. Prepared By Kayacan KAYA 247 9/C