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ACTION PLAN. Organic Agriculture and Products in Developing Countries Bygolm Landbrugskole , Horsens. June 13 – July 1, 2011. By: ( Nyale and Clarice) Agricultural Business Development. Promotion, Production and Marketing of Organic Virgin Oil Coast region – Kenya. Project Partners.

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action plan

Organic Agriculture and Products in Developing Countries

BygolmLandbrugskole, Horsens.

June 13 – July 1, 2011

project partners
Project Partners
  • Individual Coconut Farmers
  • Farmer groups and Associations
  • Coast Coconut Farmers Ltd
  • KOAN
  • Agricultural Business Development (ABD)
partner profiles
Partner profiles
  • Farmers, Farmer groups and Associations
    • Experienced coconut farmers
    • Practising mixed farming and inter cropping
    • Small holders 12 acres
    • Few large scale farmers on pure coconut stand
    • Farmer groups (Marketing Cooperative Societies )
    • Membership is by registration; governed by by-laws and supervised by government
partner profiles1
Partner profiles
  • Coast Coconut Farmers Ltd (CCF) since 2004
    • Buying coconuts raised naturally (wild coconuts)
    • Processing virgin coconut oil
    • Marketing to Europe and America (Bassa Trading Ltd)
agricultural business development
Agricultural Business Development

Producers/Smallholder farmers

Agribusiness/SMEs Financial Institutions

partner profiles2
Partner Profiles
  • Agricultural Business Development (ABD)
    • Agric. programme funded by DANIDA
    • Promoting development of selected values chains in Eastern and Coastal part of Kenya
    • ABD support development of Coconut, Mango, Cashew nut, Passion value chains at the Coast
    • Strenthening linkages among actors along the value chain; including financing
  • Farmers to increase production and supply of organic coconut to CCF.
  • Diversify at least 30% of CCF market to the national, regional and other destinations; apart from Europe and America.
  • To establish a self sustaining organic coconut farming industry with raw materials obtained locally from small scale farmers across the region, processed, packed, marketed for the national, regional and international market, in an environment that meets organic standards at all levels of production and marketing.
  • Increased number of farmers engaged in organic coconut from 800 farmers to 2000 by 2014
  • Incorporate suitable crops for intercropping in the coconut farms
  • Facilitate the certification of 1000 coconut and related crop farms and link them to CCF by 2014
  • Certification of CCF as an organic processing facility by December, 2012
  • Support CCF diversify its target market to focus on the local , region and other market by December, 2013
success indicators
Success indicators
  • More farmers engaged in organic coconut production
  • Increase in number of Farmers, certified as organic producers of coconut
  • Respected contract between farmers and CCF
  • CCF and farmer groups participating in organic networks and forums at all levels
  • CCF certified processor of organic coconut
  • Diversified market for CCF organic coconut products
  • Dynamism and innovation taking place in CCF and Farmer groups