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Contemporary Decor? Choose a TV Stand that Fits Perfectly

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Contemporary Decor? Choose a TV Stand that Fits Perfectly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contemporary Decor? Choose a TV Stand that Fits Perfectly

When choosing a new television stand, it’s important to carefully consider the type of material that will

suit existing décor. There are many contemporary TV units that design specialists are going crazy for this

year. Aside from structure which could be console, entertainment centre, floating, cabinet or hutch to

name a few; the material they are made of is very important.

Consider whether a more traditional wood model is desired, or something more minimalist or

industrial? Metal is a great choice as well. Glass types are becoming more desirable and they are

reinforced so they are less apt to break. This transparent, contemporary TV stand may be the best


Explore some of these contemporary TV unit materials and see which may be right for the space at


Wood: Wood is probably the most common and traditionalmaterial for not only contemporary TV

stands but furniture in general. Even though glass and metal have become more popular, the colours,

styles and utility make wood stands the most sought after. The top models feature glass and ornate

metal additions. They give the piece an edge and make it more lavish in some cases.

Metal: Ametal contemporary TV stand is sure to be sturdy, as well as a bit more lightweight than wood

styles. They also offer a profile that is slim in some cases. In fact, metal TV stands can come in different

figures with unique cuts and patterns in them. They can be completely made of metal or feature glass


Glass: When choosing a glass stand, one can expect a fashion forward look that creates an open space.

The only thing is that one has to be sure that the electronics look clean and attractive. Many choose

glass just for that reason, however. If they are proud of their system and want to show it off this is the


perfect way. It will look beautiful and clean. These contemporary TV stands are connected with metal


Focus on Style

Once one has chosen the build material for their newTV stand, they’ll want to focus on style. Yes, they

are looking for a contemporary TV stand, however there are sometimes a mix of styles so it’s important

to know what else there is and how to differentiate between them. This will bethe final chosen

characteristic for any piece of furniture, and one should take care to choose carefully because when it

comes to the television, it’s often the centre of attention.


Defined, contemporary designs capture the “essence of the now.” In other words, they are fresh and

new designs that have never been seen before. They can be ornate, minimalist, and made of any type of

material but they are considered bold and progressive by design standards.


Traditional stands give the on looker a feel of timelessness. They are typically wood in a very rich colour,

and look a bit like cabinetry used for a dresser. They are natural and solid which is why they are so



Modern furnishings are a style that is unique and reminiscent of the mid-20th century. Look for

minimalist and bold lines that give not only style but extreme function.



Usually, rustic looking TV stands will appear old-fashioned and “woodsy.” These could be featured in a

log cabin type of home and seem as though they are aged. They can be wood or metal, and just give a

natural feeling. Some are even made of reclaimed pieces of wood. Though new, they appear worn.


Looking for unique? Industrial TV stands are just that. They give a factory feel using things like steel and

wood. Dark shades are featured but they look awesome in spaces that feature a soft tone.

Knowing these styles anyone can go and choose the perfect TV stand for their space and impress friends

and family with their choice.