Stock investing versus mobile home park investing
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Stock Investing Versus Mobile Home Park Investing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Done well mobile home park investing offers a lot of security, passive income, can leverage a highly motivated workforce of others invested in your success. And the timing couldn’t be better.

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If you’ve ever found yourself defending your stock market investments because you “don’t like to deal with tenants,” or “don’t want to spend my weekends getting my hands dirty fixing up old houses,”

There are plenty of excuses to invest in stocks
There investments because you are plenty of excuses to invest in stocks.

This includes worries about having to fix up properties like a DIY show on TV, having to deal with nightmare tenants, and to looking foolish by investing in something you really don’t get.

The following concerns and brings investments because you clarity to the similarities and differences between investing in stocks and mobile home parks:

Invest within your circle of competence
Invest within Your Circle of investments because you Competence

  • The principle of investing within our “circle of competence” is often repeated by Warren Buffett. Buffett of course may be known for his stock plays, but he is actually one of the biggest proponents of investing in real estate, and specifically in mobile home parks. In fact, those that know Warren’s moves well know that he continuously names his real estate investments as his best.

Security of capital
Security investments because you of Capital

  • Before any promises of returns on an investment first consider the security of the capital, and the return of the investment. The stock market is notorious for its volatility, and this can even carry over to publicly traded real estate stocks and REITs.

Truly passive income
Truly Passive investments because you Income

With mobile home parks investing can be completely hands-free. With a professional system and management in place there is no need for rolling up your sleeves and picking up a hammer, answering tenant phone calls, or collecting rents in person.

The power of having others invested in your success
The Power of Having Others Invested in Your investments because you Success

Most investment opportunities really count on you investing in, and fueling the success of others. Mobile home park investing is almost unique in that it provides you with a team of others invested in your success. As a mobile home park investor you own the land. Residents often own their mobile home units and are leasing the land from you.

How do stocks compare to mobile home investing
how investments because you do stocks compare to mobile home investing?

When investors really dig in, they will discover that real estate, and in particular mobile home parks really don’t have to be that complicated or difficult to own and profit from. Done well, mobile home park investing offers a lot of security, passive income, and can leverage a highly motivated workforce of others invested in your success.

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