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  1. Mosques. Abbey, Jo, and Jodie

  2. Mosques • Most common sacred place in Islam • Mosque translates to Masjid • Masjid- “place of prostration” • It is a building of public worship with its main purpose as prayer • Prayer can be either communal or private • Muslims are expected to pray five times a day: morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, and evening • Men and women have separate places to pray • Mosques have mats on the ground instead of pews

  3. Commonality of Mosques • Built from stone or brick in the form of a square • The roof consists of a single large circular dome • Mihrab-niche in the wall which points toward Mecca • Minaret -tall tower used to call congregation to prayer • The muezzin proclaims the adan which is the call to pray, and he does all this from the minaret • The Imam leads the people in prayer by giving sermons • Modest dress is required inside the mosque • In non-Muslim countries, the mosque is a place where Muslim children learn

  4. Two kinds of Mosques • masjid or jāmiʿ-Centre of community worship and site of Friday worship • Smaller mosques operated by private groups in society

  5. Old Mosques Hagia Sophia- “holy wisdom” -found in Istanbul, Turkey and is now a museum Dome of the Rock -located in Jerusalem

  6. History The first mosque was in Mecca. It was built around the area that surrounded the Ka'ba in pre-Islamic times. These mosques, and the Ka'ba, are the holiest shrines of Islam Themodel of early mosques was the courtyard of the prophet Muhammad's house in Madina, which was constructed in 622 CE. This was organized with a qibla, which at first faced the direction of Jerusalem Within few years after the death of Muhammad, mosques became such important symbols, that when Muslim conquerors established themselves somewhere, a mosque was put up first, and then the military camp was built around it.

  7. Fun Facts Why do mosques have domes? The shape of the dome allows all of the people inside can hear what the Imam is saying Why is there different place for prayer for men and women? To allow men not to get distracted by women during prayer. Many women pray at home

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