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Body Copy, Captions, Quotes, Indexing , Names& Grades, Blacklist and Bonus Elements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Body Copy, Captions, Quotes, Indexing , Names& Grades, Blacklist and Bonus Elements Yearbook Boot Camp 2012~. Body Copy. Tense – Past Tense Font Size – 9 Purpose – To highlight and explain events, achievements, etc . and be as concise as possible

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Body copy captions quotes indexing names grades blacklist and bonus elements

Body Copy, Captions, Quotes, Indexing, Names& Grades, Blacklist and Bonus Elements

Yearbook Boot Camp 2012~

Body copy
Body Copy

  • Tense – Past Tense

  • Font Size – 9

  • Purpose – To highlight and explain events, achievements, etc. and be as concise as possible

    • Specific – talks about the topic of the page

    • Personal – relates to the students and is specific to that year

  • Quotes – Contains 2 quotes that relate to the topic of the spread

    • TIP! Try and write your body copy first. By doing so, you can ask specific questions that will get you quotes that are able to flow throughout the body copy.

Body copy1
Body Copy

  • Conciseness – Do not extensively describe the sport, club, event, etc.

    • Just enough to explain what the topic is about

    • No one wants to read a big block of text!

    • Don’t know about the topic? Ask someone who is informed about it to help you out

    • Have a hook and try to mention the topic of the spread in the first two sentences

Body copy2
Body Copy

  • Description

    • Do not be descriptive in a “poetic sense”

      • Ex: “Despite cloudy skies and muddy earth…”

    • You can be descriptive when describing the scene

      • Ex: “Masses of students climbed their way up the bleachers, and in a matter of minutes the whole school was cheering wildly.”

    • Active Voice

      • He threw the baseball

      • NOT: The baseball was thrown by him

Body copy3
Body Copy

  • Theme – Write about a coherent thought

    • Common sports themes: overcoming challenges, being a family.

      • Boring and cliché

      • We will make you re-do them, you’re more creative than that!

    • Try to make it personal to the year-

      • What was something that is memorable and unique to this year?

      • Ex: Boys Lacrosse Team’s first successful season

    • Make the body copies for the 2012-2013 yearbook different from those of any of the past yearbooks!

Body copy4
Body Copy

  • Revision

    • Don’t just write the body copy because you need to get your spread done

    • Personal Pronouns (I, me, mine) only in quotes

    • Don’t overuse school name (The students of JPS…)

    • Get it done first- gives you a sense of what you’re going to include on your spread

    • Grammar, Spelling, Spacing

    • Is there a theme? Are you describing the topic too much? Do the quotes flows? Do you have an opening and a closing?


  • Tense – Present

  • Font Size – 7

  • Always include First Name Last Name [grade] rest of quote

  • Boring Captions

    • States exactly what the picture shows

    • No insight to the photo whatsoever

  • How To Fix Boring Captions

    • Describe the setting, student’s background, student’s emotions, etc.

    • What would the reader want to know? Answer possible questions the photo creates


  • MEH:Victoria Li [12] paints RohanKanani [11].

  • BETTER:Victoria Li[12] demonstrates her artistic skills as she turns RohanKanani[11] into Spiderman at the Yearbook Club’s facepaintingbooth.


  • Terminology – Use proper terminology for sports and clubs!

    • Shows that you aren’t just making up random phrases

    • Shows that you are knowledgeable about the topic

    • Ask coaches or players/club leaders or members for help if you don’t know much about a sport/club



  • NOPE: AnjanaSreedhar [12] raises her placard.

  • YUP: AnjanaSreedhar [12] raises her placard in order to participate in the moderated caucus, letting her peers acknowledge her opinion.


  • Unacceptable reasons why you can’t finish your spread:

    • “I don’t know the person”

    • “But they don’t have a Facebook!”

    • “They won’t respond to my messages!”

  • YOU CAN DO IT! There’s always a way to contact someone!


  • How to contact someone:

    • Ask your friends- you’d be surprised who they know!

    • Ask Staff Members/ Editors

      • Post in the Staff Facebook Group

  • Calling People: Only at NORMAL hours- never past 8:00

  • Facebook message them

  • Through a friend:

    • Write down your question on a piece of paper

    • Ask your friend to give it to him or her

    • Make sure that the response is written down and signed!


  • How to do an Interview (online, face to face, on the phone)

    • 1) Introduce yourself and say you’re a part of yearbook

    • 2) Ask politely if they would be willing to answer a couple of questions for you

    • 3) Ask interesting questions so you will get interesting responses

    • 4) Thank them for their time.

      Always allow time for the person to respond if online(1+ day)


  • Contacting teachers/faculty (rosters, club info, etc.)

    • Email:

      • Found on the JPS website

      • Use friendly letter format

        • Dear____

        • Proper title (Mr., Mrs., Dr.)

        • Closing and Full Name

      • Thank the faculty member for their time!

    • Mailbox:

      • Putting notes that clearly explain what you are asking for

      • Be polite, professional, and concise.

        • No ripped pieces of loose-leaf

        • Thank them for their time

        • Note is long enough that they can understand what you are asking for and will not have any questions

    • Still preferred that you ask them in person


  • Tense - Past tense

    • If a quote is in present tense, you may change it to past tense.

      • Do not alter the meaning of the quote or change some words around.

      • You may only change the tense or cut parts out

  • Font Size – 7

  • TIP!- Get 1 or 2 extra quotes than you need in case someone doesn’t respond


  • Ask Interesting Questions to get Interesting Answers!

  • Be open-ended- no “yes/no questions”

    • How, Why, When, Explain, Describe, Share

  • Plan! Always have a list of backup questions in case the person gives a lousy response

    • We will make you get a better quote if it is really bad

  • Good Quotes:

    • Ask heads/leaders of clubs and sports for quotes

    • Give you insight of traditions, changes, etc.

    • Include everyone- DIVERSITY!

    • Student perspective on events, clubs, etc.



    • If a quote is really reallyREALLY long, you may delete parts to make it more concise

    • However, do not alter it in a way that:

      • 1) It changes the meaning of the quote

      • 2) Most of the words are switched around

  • If you need help, ask an editor for help!


  • You need to fill out a quote note (print off of the website) and get it signed for each quote or screenshot the conversation you had to get the quote. These need to be handed in by a stated deadline or you’ll get an X!


  • Similar to tagging people on Facebook so people can find their names in the Index of the Book

  • How to do it

    • 1) Right Click on a picture

    • 2) Click Tag Names on the menu that pops up

    • 3) Click +Add

    • 4a) Type in the person’s First Name, Last Name, and Grade if they don’t have a “profile”

      4b) If they have a “profile” already, click on it

    • 5) Click Done!


  • How to do it

    1. Right click on a picture 2. Click Tag Names


  • 3. Click “+ Add”


  • 4a) Type in the person’s First Name, Last Name, and Grade if they don’t have a “profile”. Then click OK.



  • 4b. If they have a “profile” already, click on it. Then press OK.


  • 5. Click DONE!

Things to be aware of
Things to be aware of!

  • Make sure you spell peoples’ names right and have their correct grade

    • DO NOT GUESS people’s names and grades- we get in a LOT of trouble

    • Verify with the people themselves or with someone who knows them if you aren’t sure

  • Be careful of using their Facebook names

    • Seniors change their names to protect themselves from colleges

      • Ex: Nikita Dave  Nikita Khrushchev

    • Sometimes you search them on Facebook, but look at the wrong person

      • Ex: Jennifer Almonte  Jenny Matthew

The blacklist
The Blacklist

  • GOAL: To get everyone in the school in the book 3x

    • BLACKLIST: A list of people featured in the book and how many times they’re in the book

      • If they’re used 3 times, they can’t be used anymore

      • You’ll have to replace quotes from blacklisted people

        How to a Get a Wide Variety of People

    • Don’t just ask your friends for pictures and quotes all the time- meet new people!

    • Avoid using people who are leaders of a club or sport, or are very active in a club/sport

      • They will go on their respective pages when those pages are assigned

      • Ex: Morgan Kravarik  Theater . ZalaJalili Student Council

The blacklist1
The Blacklist

3 times:

Brian Abarquez[12]

Fiona Byon [10]

Morgan Kravarik[12]

Leah Kravets [12]

Chris Ricigliano[11]

Dani Sall[12]

Larissa Szilagyi [11]

Hillary Tsang [09]

Rita Wang [10]

4 times:

Erica Law [12]

Dennis Zhang [11]

Q uick review
Quick Review

  • Body Copy

    • Past tense

  • Captions

    • Present tense

  • Quotes

    • Past tense