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  1. MHLATHUZE WATER Presentation of the 2007/2008 Annual Report to the Honourable Portfolio Committee on Water Presented by: Mr. Bonginkosi Mshengu (Vice Chair of the Board) Mr Silas Mbedzi (Chief Executive) Mr. Sibusiso Makhanya (General Manager: Engineering Services) Ms Lindy Dhlamini (Acting General Manager:Finance) 1 July 2009

  2. Table of Contents • Background • Overview of service provided and areas served • Achievement and challenges • Audit Report • Financial Analysis - Income Statement, balance sheet etc. • Performance summary: • Water Quality • Load Shedding Risk Management • Service Delivery and Infrastructure • Corporate Social Investment initiatives • Conclusion

  3. BackgroundStatutory information • Established on 23 May 1980 in terms of Water Act, 1956 • Deemed to be a water board ito Water Services Act, 1997 (s 84(2)) • Compliance to all applicable legislation and best practice (eg PFMA, BBBEE, King II Report)

  4. BackgroundOperating Areas and Services Provided


  6. BackgroundMap of Service Areas

  7. Achievements • Unqualified Audit Report for 2007/08 • Increased area of operation to cater for the outlying poor municipalities • Remained financially sound – going concern • Complied with all applicable legislation • Have maintained being one of the top water laboratories in the country and is the only ISO17025 accredited water laboratory in the region with a scope of analyses. Sampling and analyses of water and wastewater are carried out daily.

  8. Challenges • Inability to secure long term contract with water services authorities especially the ones that need our services most. • Non-payment from some of our municipalities • The current world recession having an impact on some of the industries that we supply water to in Richards Bay

  9. Audit ReportAudit Issues • Unqualified Audit Opinion for FY2007/08; • No Matters of Emphasis; • Financial statements were prepared in accordance with SA GAAP, Water Services Act and the PFMA.

  10. Finance ReportIncome Statement

  11. Finance ReportIncome Statement • Operating Income (before finance costs) by 3.62% (R35 601 million ⇒ R36 890 million) • Net Finance Costs reduced by 26.37% due to: • The redemption of loans (R45,1 million) in FY2006/07 • The renegotiation of interest rates with the loan providers. • All indications are that Mhlathuze water is a going concern

  12. Finance ReportFinance Ratios

  13. Finance ReportSpecial Investigation Unit • Subsequent to the year end, an investigation by the Special Investigating Unit was instituted on the affairs of Mhlathuze Water. • The investigation was to cover the period from 1 January 2004 to the date of the publication of the proclamation (4 September 2008). • Mhlathuze Water has fully co-operated with the investigation.

  14. Water Quality Issues Mhlathuze Water – • Has a SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory (accreditation since 2002); • Logs its data to the National Water Quality Reporting System to comply with 2010 water quality measures; • Does water quality testing and analysis for municipalities, industry and private individuals; • Is involved in the National Microbial analyses program for bacteriological quality and participates in 14 sites in its area of operation; • Maintained a 98% and 100% compliance with respect to physical and bacteriological water quality, in respect of the Nsezi Water Treatment Plant.

  15. Mhlathuze Water Quality Nsezi Water Treatment Plant

  16. MHLATHUZE WATEREnergy • Attached is a schedule of Mhlathuze Water’s power supply at the various installations. • Mhlathuze Water has agreed with the power suppliers that supply to critical installations would not be load shed, unless a total “blackout” occurs at Eskom. • Mhlathuze Water has also advised its customers of the electricity increases from Eskom and that these would be passed on to them if effected.

  17. Load Shedding ReadinessOwn Installations

  18. Service Delivery and Infrastructure Development Projects Mhlathuze Water’s Area of Operations • Largely rural and poverty stricken; • Few large businesses within most Municipalities; • Difficulty for Municipalities to attract skills; • Compliance with S19(2) (Priority use of water boards); • Lack of infrastructure and development; • Poor access to water; • Inability to pay for water and infrastructure cost; • Low concentration of people add to cost; • Poor water availability – (Except Pongola-poort); • Poor raw water quality (e.g. manganese, turbidity)

  19. InfrastructureDevelopment Projects Mhlathuze Water’s strategic direction involves – • Forming strategic partnerships with Water Services Authorities (“WSA’s”); • Supporting and assisting WSA’s in meeting their mandates; • Assisting DWEA in water and sanitation provision; • Establishing strategic networks with all role players (e.g. Industry, WSA’s, DWEA, Province); • Supplying any new industries and bulk users in the area (AmaZulu World, Alfluorco, Umbani Power, Pulp United).

  20. Service delivery and Infrastructure Development Projects Total value of internally funded projects R 646 million

  21. Service Delivery and Infrastructure Development Projects Total Externally funded projects R 789,5 million

  22. Service Delivery and InfrastructureDevelopment Projects • The Working for Water contract with DWEA is for a period of 3 years. • Benefits to Communities include • Job Creation; • Skills Transfer and Development; • Enterprise Development. • Total value of proposed projects amounts to R 1,435 billion. • This excludes the drawing of water from the Pongola-poort Dam to supply surrounding communities, which will cost about R1,6 billion.

  23. Corporate Social Investment • Mhlathuze Water believes that the aforesaid regional bulk water scheme is the solution in the medium to long term and is funding feasibility studies with regard to this scheme. • Immediate water scarcity also has to be addressed. To address this, Mhlathuze Water approved an amount of R12 million to assist with the drought and water challenges faced by uMkhanyakhude District Municipality (UDM). This is being spent on, ie: • Drilling and equipping boreholes at Jozini, which were identified by UDM and the DWEA, to the value of R5 million; • Drilling and equipping boreholes at Ingwavuma Municipality to the value of R1.5 million. The sites were identified by the Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs; • Rehabilitation of three water pump stations serving Ingwavuma Town, to the value of R1.5 million.

  24. Tariffs for the FY2009/10 period • A tariff increase of 18% was recommended by the Board for the period FY2009/10 but this was reduced by 4 % by DWEA. • This will have an effect on the magnitude of future tariff increases. • Capital upgrades and refurbishment were key considerations in the determination of the proposed tariff increase.

  25. CONCLUSION • The financial position of Mhlathuze Water continues to be healthy and it remains sustainable; • The Board and Management jointly continue to strive to achieve the entity’s vision of providing world class water and related services to all stakeholders in its service area.


  27. Reviewed and Released by:Silas Mbedzi. ___________