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tour of the onmath site

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Now you are in my classroom and in a “breakout” room (it’s a separate “study” area)

Let’s check out some of the features….

(click on the “next page” button on the bottom left of this screen – it’s the “right” arrow)

Each breakout room is a little different

(it depends on how each onMATH teacher set up their “classroom”)

But….each breakout room will have

- a whiteboard (similar to a smartboard)

- a chat pod (for you to communicate with the onMATH teacher)

- an attendee list (so that you can see who else is in this “room”)

Some of us may have added some web links, files to share, etc….

(click to the next page to see a sample “breakout room”)

this is what a breakout room might look like
This is what a breakout room might look like………


attendee list

chat pod

web links

chat here

(click to the next page to continue)

Okay, let’s hit a few buttons…

Down in the right corner, you will find the icon

for the whiteboard tools

Click on the icon and the toolbar will appear.

  • use the pencil tool to write something all over this page
  • change the colour; change the thickness of the pencil
  • what happens when you click on the eraser?
  • write a few numbers on the page then click the backwards arrow…this would be a better tool to use when you make an error and you want to erase just one or two things (instead of erasing EVERYTHING)

(click to the next page to continue)

now try the some of the other tools…such as the marker tool, line tool, shapes, text, stamper….can you change the size or colour?
  • what happens if you have a question? Find the icon to “raise your hand” in this virtual classroom.

(click to the next page to continue)

Now that you are familiar with the tools, you are ready to start using the site.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at onMATH!