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Presented by the Program of Work Committee 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented by the Program of Work Committee 2010

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Presented by the Program of Work Committee 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Programs Are Uniquely Yours Learn to ring your own bell!. Presented by the Program of Work Committee 2010. Committee Members. Pam Atkins Geralann Barnes Elvira Barrera Kim Birkelbach Diana Brown Jo Ann Collett Jane Dennis Linda Ewing Robin Lock. Phyllis Preston Bettye Nelson

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Programs Are Uniquely Yours

Learn to ring your own bell!

Presented by the Program of Work Committee 2010

committee members
Committee Members
  • Pam Atkins
  • Geralann Barnes
  • Elvira Barrera
  • Kim Birkelbach
  • Diana Brown
  • Jo Ann Collett
  • Jane Dennis
  • Linda Ewing
  • Robin Lock
  • Phyllis Preston
  • Bettye Nelson
  • Marla Pelzel
  • Alison Preuninger
  • Lori Shontz
  • Susan Vierkant
  • Joyce Ann Warwas
  • Mary Claire Welch
  • Pat Osborne, Chair
mission statement
Mission Statement

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.


1. To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship

2. To honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education

3. To advance the professional interest and position of women in education.

4. To initiate, endorse, and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators

  • To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to women educators from other countries.
  • To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action
  • To inform the members of current economic, social, political, and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society

Each member must be inspired to feel excited about coming to Society events and contributing to the fullest. This happens only when practices and policies are followed that engage the hearts and minds of all those who participate.

what makes your chapter unique
What Makes Your Chapter Unique?

Membership Profile

What has worked in the past?

Active participation


Panel discussion

Making items for distribution

Activity around food

Inviting in community resources

Finding quality speakers

  • Age group
  • Small group
  • Large group
  • Mostly retired
  • Predominantly active
  • More administrators
  • Highly involved members
  • More laid back members
  • Socially minded members
possible resources
Possible Resources

What’s in your community?

Whom do you call upon?

Members with expertise

University personnel

Experts in the field of medicine, social work, ecology, rescue efforts, habitat for humanity

School district specialists

Gardening specialists

Texas state personnel

City officials

  • Home for abused women/children
  • Recycling focus
  • Libraries in need of assistance
  • Community projects looking for support
  • Excellent medical center
  • Shelters for animal protection
  • Home for aging
creating successful programs for the 21 st century
Creating Successful Programsfor the 21st Century
  • 4-6 meetings a year
  • Targeting one or more of Society Purposes
  • Efficient and quick moving
  • Average length of 1 to

1 ½ hours including refreshments

  • High Quality
  • Professional/personal


  • Programs that impact the community
  • Using member’s talents
  • Providing CPE credits
  • Open meetings with non-member participation
  • Utilizing the International, State websites for ideas
projects are the heart of service
Projects Are the Heart of Service
  • Members actively engaged in volunteering of time not just money
  • Multiple projects a year, both ongoing and one-time in scope
  • Wide variety of projects benefiting women, children, and literacy
  • Service in giving back to the community
  • in which the chapter resides
  • Participating in the state-wide
  • Unifying Project “UP”
what s changed
What’s Changed?
  • There no longer is a formula for planning chapter programs
  • Chapters may use speakers suggested by members or community
  • A small team of leaders may plan the year conjointly with the chapter president
  • Projects are integral to chapter health
  • Chapters may collaborate with other chapters or community organizations
  • Chapters may utilize various committees within the chapter to assist in planning if desired
  • Chapters may take suggestions from the websites and expand on them
communication is key
Communication Is Key
  • Keep the chapter informed as succinctly as possible
  • Keep the community informed when it is an open meeting
  • Use social networks to promote attendance
  • Report upcoming meetings in newsletter, by telephone tree, email groups
  • Seek publicity in community/district newspapers
  • Put calendar of programs on chapter website
    • Go to Program of Work
    • Examples:
      • Could You Be a Founder?
      • Hats off to Founders
      • Fine Arts
      • DKG 101 Power Point
      • Programs and Projects with a Purpose:
        • 39 ideas
    • International Officers’ Blogs
    • Social networks; Google groups
    • US Forum site
    • Program of Work site
    • State Committee Chairmen sites ie: research, music, professional affairs, personal growth and service, legislation, yearbook
    • TSO chapter websites
    • TSO chapter newsletters
    • Program Resource Guide is on the website
  • Community service websites
what about the annie award
What about the ANNIE AWARD?
  • Applying for the ANNIE is still a criteria for winning the PACE award
  • Sticking to deadlines is extremely important: April 1 is the postmark date
  • Revised form for ANNIE is posted on the TSO website
  • Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of your unique chapter
advance the society by ringing your bell
Advance the Society by Ringing Your Bell
  • Believe in the mission of our Society
  • Engage personal responsibility to be involved at all levels of the Society
  • Learn to gain knowledge, comprehension, skill, or mastery through experience or study
  • Lead by taking a risk, advocating for our purposes, being a guide or mentor

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Advance the Society

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead

Believe Engage Learn Lead


Bells produce a joyful sound. They announce change, focus our attention, are part of our legacy as educators and are technologically up to date. When rung with heart, they connect people and develop relationships. They may work together or independently. They reflect diversity. Take the challenge and “Ring Your Bell”, present quality and memorable programs within your chapter!

Inspiration of Vicki Davis, Texas State Organization President 2010